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My heart aches for you.

And yet it tells me to stop.

Why do I bother?

Wouldn't things be better if I wasn't here at all?

They're after me, my love. 

All 4 of them, and you know 3

In competition, and fighting to be the best.

But I won't choose.  

Because I have you.

Why do we have to wait?

Why not just run away?

Then no one can ruin our happiness.

Our love will be strong.

No one to take it away.

The pain,

They're killing me.

One tries,

but I push him away.

Another has not slept for days,

All my fault.

I'm sorry love,

but might have to leave,

If only for a few days.

I couldn't leave forever.

I'd die in a matter of days or weeks.

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