Chapter 52 : Video Chat

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After a hectic day in office, Shivaay straight away went to his room. Spending two weeks with Anika, he have postponed his every works and meetings. So catching up with his pending works had drained all of his energy. All he wanted to do was take a shower and have a good night sleep. He already had his dinner with his client so he dicided to crash into bed early. His hope broke when he saw dadi and his two brothers waiting for him in his room. Three of them masked a serious face.

"Dadi, Omru! You all here. Anything serious dadi?" Shivaay approached them with a confused face.

"Get change first, we'll talk later", dadi said calmly.


"Billu, don't you think it's high time?", dadi questioned and Shivaay questioned back "high time for what?".

"For you to get married", comes the immediate answer from Omru in chorus.

"Dadi, guys... You want to talk about it now? I'm tired guys. Can't we talk tomorrow? ", he requested with hope.

"No billu, you'll be 28 next year, the right age to get married. What are you waiting for? To get settle in life?", dadi chided.

"Look at Om, learn from him. I'm getting old billu, i want see all my grandchildren happily married before i close my eyes. But i think my dream will only remain as dream", dadi told sadly.

"Bhaiyaa, Om is lucky to get married before you but they won't let me do the same. I don't want to spend rest of my life as bachelor. Please pity on your little brother. If you want to see me leading a happy life, for that, you have to get married first ", Rudy started his drama.

"Oh really, Mr Rudra Singh Oberoi. Did bhavya already said yes to you? ", Shivaay snapped back.

"Bhaiyaa, how do you know?", before rudy could finish, dadi interrupted.

"Shut up you all. See billu i have brought some of the girls photo and I'll give you only two days time. Choose the girl you like and I'm not ready to listen any of your lame excuses", Dadi spoke strictly as she place the photos on his glass table.

"Billu, i know you're not ready for this but there's no point waiting for Anika either. She's not going to accept you anytime. You are wasting your time waiting for her. Won't you listen to your grandma, won't you fulfill my wishes ", dadi said while wiping her fake tears.

When Shivaay heard Anika's name from dadi, he froze at his place but later composed hearing her full confession and muttered "Only if you know dadi" under his breath.

"It's been 8 months since Om got married and he's going to be a father soon. Gowry is pregnant. I want to see the same happiness with my elder grandchild too", she added.

"Om, wow congrats man! Why you guys didn't tell me earlier itself?", Shivaay complained whilst giving Om a bone crushing hug.

"Too fast right, bhaiyaa. I think Germany trip did wonders", Rudy joked.

Om who has been silent a these while opened his mouth. "Just shut up idiot. And you, did you tell us, Shivaay? See you're not even ready to tell now either".

Om's word made Shivaay's heart to beat faster. Did they knew, he doubted. Soon Om composed and managed the situation. "I mean see, even now you're not ready to say yes to marriage. Don't trouble dadi anymore Shivaay. Select one girl from these photos".

"Yes, don't trouble dadi. We're going now but bhaiyaa better you select a beautiful bhabi for us. Only two days Billu", Rudy spoke in warning tone and ran out of the room before Shivaay could catch him.

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