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Working for Taylor and Lee family law can be exhausting. On this day, started off as the usual. Wake up in the morning, do her dawn routine, coffee with two packs of equal sugar and head to her job. Nicole is an attorney for child custody cases. Nicole can't have kids of her own. It pains her to see how people don't want their child or want their child for the wrong reasons. Her husband, Issac, had children, two to be exact. However, they died and so did his ex-wife. She drowned the kids and herself. Nicole's heart pains for her husband. Losing a child isn't easy. Losing two is much worse.

The sunlight is radiating exquisitely on her new black Lexus. This was the first day she went home since she has started. Nicole needed the sleep. Ever since moving from Sherwood, Ohio to NYC, it's been a drastic change. Loves New York, nowhere else can't be equal. Eventually, she arrived to her home. Maneuvering her car in the garage. She went into her home. Something just wasn't right. Technically, it was her home, but Nicole felt eerie, as if she wasn't welcomed. There have been unexplained things. Nicole goes to her room, grabs her towel to shower, then lies on her bed.

The sound of shattering glass startles Nicole out of her bed. Automatically, Nicole suspected an intruder in her home. In her closet Nicoles grabs the bat, she goes to down the stairs cautiously. She walks to the kitchen, glass shattered all over the floor. Checking around the kitchen, making sure the back door is locked. No sign of an intrusion, just a glass broken on the floor. Nicole went into the linen closet. A disfigured woman jumps out, pushes Nicole to the ground. Fighting her way out, the disfigured woman had Nicole by the throat. Nicole inspected her, Blueish-purple complexion, her eyes white, her teeth, well somewhere there, and some weren't. The disfigured woman leans over and whispers. "Look what he has done to us". Water profusely was coming out of the disfigured woman's eyes and mouth, falling on Nicole's face. Continue to fighting, it was becoming much harder. She screamed! Nicole woke up screaming, checking her face. No water, no disfigured woman. All out of sight. 

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