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Your 7th year was coming to an end at Hogwarts and you couldn't be more excited. After the horrid year you had with Umbridge you wanted nothing more than to leave and start your own life in the Wizarding world. You knew you were ready to face whatever comes your way. A part of you will miss Hogwarts. 7 years have really gone by. A pang of sadness hits you as you realize you won't be graduating with your best friend or your boyfriend. Fred and George Weasley had already made their great escape earlier in the year. You had to admit it was pretty amazing to see Umbridge's face as the twins flew out of Hogwarts leaving a mess behind them but you really did miss them.

On your way to the great all you reminisce about all the trouble you three got in. The pranks you pulled and the laughs you shared. You first met Fred and George in your 4th year. Quickly becoming friends after sharing detention together. You would joke around with them and sometimes help them with their homework. Sometimes. It wasn't until their sister Ginny was taken to the Chamber of Secrets that you really became closer to the twins. The jokesters you knew and loved had the same smile but you could see in their eyes that they were scared. You comforted them the night she was taken and since then the three of you were inseparable. You grew a tiny crush on Fred as the years went on but who could blame you. His outgoing personality and sense of humor were enough to make anyone fall for him.

When the Yule ball came around Fred had asked you as a "friend" but everyone knew he wanted to ask you as more than friends. Everyone except you. George spent the entire time in between Fred asking you and the yule ball to get one of you to confess your feelings. Eventually, you plucked up the courage and told Fred about your feelings. You remember the cute little blush on his face as he asked you to the yule ball again. This time as his girlfriend. It was the best night of your life. You never thought you'd see the day Fred would be all dressed up and proper. Remembering the blush on your face as he kissed your hand and the kiss you two shared later in the night. Now you wanted nothing more than to hold on to him and never let go. You missed him so much and you're only a few hours away from seeing his face again.

Stepping off the Hogwarts express you look around for bright ginger hair. You spot two tall gingers in the crowd. You smile and run over to them.

"Fred! George!" You yell and they turn to greet you. You immediately recognize which one is Fred and practically jump into his arms and give him a kiss.

"Aw did you miss me?" Fred says as he gives you a big bear hug. You nod and close your eyes and take in the fact that it's really him and you're really here together "Probably not as much as I missed you" He whispers into your ear.

"I see you really missed me too y/n" George teases. You let go of Fred and give George a hug. "I missed you guys so much"

Together you three apparated to their flat above their shop. Scattered around the room were tons of new products and paper filled with new ideas. You admired the work and dedication that was put into everything. A swell of pride grew in you as you see what they had accomplished since leaving Hogwarts. At dinner, it was as if no time had passed. Laughter filled the room as you talked about your days at Hogwarts and plans for the joke shop. As the night went on George excused himself for bed leaving you and Fred alone.

You and Fred sat on the couch drinking tea and enjoying each other's company. "I really missed you Fred. Hogwarts just wasn't the same with you and George not there," you said. "Do you know how boring it was without you Weasley? I had to suffer through Snape's lectures. All by myself and its all your fault." You pout and cross your arms faking an angry look.

Fred smirks and pulls you closer. "That sounds absolutely dreadful love. It's a good thing you're so in love with me that I know you'll forgive me"

"Who said I love you Weasley?" you shoot back.

"Oh come on L/n, admit it. You love me"

You roll your eyes and smile. His grip on your hands tightens a little and you close your eyes.

"I guess I love you too"

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