A Beautiful Lie

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I was in a crowd of many. Bodies moving along to the beat of the music. A thick haze hangs over the entire setting. I look up and watch Mindless Behavior jumping around on the stage. Everything seems normal. We're here to have fun. But something's not right. Something isn't right.

Then it all happened at once. Screams fill the air. Someone falls down. Fans scramble to the exit as my dream self hops on stage. Everyone crowds around the one that lays silently on the ground. I push through to get to the front. Shocked, I don't believe my eyes. I see me, my body glowing a faint gold, lying on the floor pale faced and blank eyed.

They all look at me. I take a step back and slip, falling in my own blood.

Chapter 1

I wake up breathing heavy and clutching me necklace. The sun's rays shine through my window forcing my eyes to take in my room. I glance at the clock. 1:43 p.m. Clearing my head, I get up and throw on some bunny slippers.

I been having the same weird dream for the past week. And every time I wake up at 1:43, a.m. or p.m. Today is Saturday, and I'm going to the MB concert with my friends! I was so excited this entire week; maybe that's why I have been having those weird dreams.

I grab my late brunch and call up my friend Kenya.

"Hey. Ready for the concert?"

"No shit. Girl, of course I am!!" She says.

I laugh. "Just woke up. Give me 20 minutes and I'll be ready."

"Ok see ya later girl."

"Adios, chica." I hang up.

By the way, you probably wanna know who I am. The name's Maya, at your service. I'm slender but still curvy with light brown skin. My hair is unnaturally soft, tumbling down and stopping on my lower back. It's a milky brown with caramel highlights. I'm 15 years old. I have big brown eyes and I must admit I only think of myself as decently pretty. My friends see otherwise and claim I have terrible self-esteem. I only shrug.

I hurriedly brush my teeth. Kenya's mom is picking me up and she's gonna take all of us to the concert. I'm picking out my clothes when the doorbell rings. She's here already? I haven't even gotten dressed yet! My mom zips past me and opens the door while I stay tucked in my bedroom. She excitedly chats to the person at the door.

"Mom! Who's that?" I call out to her.

"It's Ryan, sweetheart."

I roll my eyes. Ryan is my mom's boyfriend. He's a tall, brown skinned man with green eyes. They have been going steady for a couple of months now.

"Maya, darling! I'm going to go out with Ryan for a little bit. Text me when Kenya's mom picks you up."

"Will do, Mom."

I hear her close the front door. My phone buzzes on my bed and I look to see who it is.

Kenya: runnin l8 pick u up in 20 min

Me: k

I open my closet. What am I going to wear? It's the beginning of June; school just got out a day ago. I decide on some cute shorts and a MB tee. The shirt is too big so I tie it up in the back. Then, I make sure my necklace is around my neck. My grandmother had given it to me while she laid on her death bed. It had a golden crystal in the center and red wolves in the embroidery. She told me it was a family heirloom and it will pay a huge roll in my life. A few minutes later, she had died. I still wear it; it makes me feel protected.

In the bathroom, I run my hair under the water real quick, turning it curly. Then I put some sweet smelling product in it and sweep it behind my back. I put in some hoops and rub gloss on my lips. Stepping back, I assess the outfit and deem myself looking good.

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