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van Helsing 2 : draculas gay

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One day Gabriel van Helsing went to visit count Dracula . He was crying . Gabriel sat down next to him . He pulled Dracula close to him and let him cry on his shoulder. " why are you so sad Count ? " asked Gabriel . " I miss her " he said . " who Anna ? " asked Gabriel . " no my girlfriend she was murdered last summer " he cried . " it's ok Count I'm here " Gabriel said he tried to comfort him. Dracula felt better. " Let's have sex ! " said Dracula . He pushed Gabriel down on the bed and kissed him. Gabriel felt scared but he fell in love with Dracula . That night Gabriel laid his head on Dracula's chest and Dracula rubbed his fingers through Gabriel's hair . " I love you Count " he said . " I love you too Gabriel " Dracula whispered. They fell asleep . The next morning Dracula woke up feeling sick to his stomach. Gabriel was worried about him . He called his friend Carl . He knows all about vampires . " Dracula your pregnant " said Carl . Dracula felt worse when Carl told him that . " a male vampire can get pregnant after having sex with a human " said Carl . " do you wanna know if it's a boy or a girl ? " he asked. " no we want it to be a surprise" said Gabriel . " uh is it half human half vampire ? " . " no it's full vampire " said Carl . " duh " said Dracula " I am a vampire you know so my kid will be a vampire too " . Gabriel wasn't very happy with raising a vampire child he was a little scared. " I don't want to have a kid " said Count. " too late your 7 1/2 months pregnant your gonna give birth wether you want to or not " said Carl . " how long are vampires pregnant ? " asked Gabriel . " exactly 9 months but only male vampires have babies " said Carl . So Dracula was pregnant with their vampire child ! The next day Gabriel rubbed Dracula's belly and kissed it. He felt the baby inside him. On October 31st Dracula went into labor . Carl helped him deliver the baby . "ok Count deep breath push push " said Carl. Gabriel held Dracula's hand he screamed really loud . He gave birth to their vampire daughter . Carl handed Dracula the baby . " her name is Anna " said Gabriel . Dracula was tired. But they were happy with their baby girl Anna .

The end !

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