Part 29 ; Pregnancy

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Secret Garden Coffee, Gangnam ;

The sound of raindrops is used as a song that can calm the mind and soul when experiencing stress in daily life. Y/n's far-sighted view of such an atmosphere can be read by Soyou as she is experiencing depression about something. "Y/n, do you know this is not good for the baby in your womb when you think a lot and experience stress like this?"

Soyou asked Y/n who was looking at the view of the rainy atmosphere in Gangnam. But Soyou's question was only left alone by Y/n and made Soyou sigh looking at her face. "I don't know what's going on right now but you have to think about this baby in your womb. If you continue like this, you will probably experience the same situation as a year ago."

Soyou tries to persuade Y/n to talk about the problem he is having to reduce the sense of burden. Y/n turned her gaze to Soyou and sighed before she took the drink ordered to be drunk.

"I also don't know how to tell you the truth. My life is very complicated when they suddenly appear in my life and become more difficult than I ever thought before, I don't know how else and why I have to go through all this?" Soyou bowed her head after hearing Y/n's expression and held her cup for a while.

"You mean, Jimin, Tae and Jungkook? I also wonder why they suddenly appear in your life and make your life miserable like this." Soyou asked Y/n and began to suspect them. What do they want from Y/n actually? "I don't know, I also wonder about the emergence of those who suddenly like this and become very influential people in Korea."

Said Y/n before she rubbed her belly which already looked quite big but she also didn't t feel very happy with her own pregnancy since she found out about the pregnancy a few months ago. Why am I not happy with this pregnancy? Isn't this what I've been wanting all this time since I had a miscarriage? Why do I feel like this?

"Y/n ~" Soyou held her best friend's hand before she continued her conversation with Y/n. "I want you to be honest with my question, do you really feel happy with your pregnancy?" Y/n looked at Soyou's face and just kept quiet for a moment because she didn't know how she should answer Soyou honestly. If she is dishonest, Soyou will be able to know that she is being dishonest towards her.

"Y/n sshi ~?" Soyou raised her eyebrows while waiting for an answer from Y/n who was silent and only gave a glazed look. "Can I say to myself that I am not happy with my pregnancy?" Soyou was a little surprised to hear words from Y/n that she had never thought of all this time and Y/n's tears started dripping down her cheeks.

But without anyone knowing, someone had overheard the conversation sitting not far from their sites. Since when is Y/n pregnant again and whose baby is the child? Various questions in his mind about Y/n. He tilted his head slightly back to stare at Y/n who was chatting behind him not far from the table where he sit before he held his drink cup.

"Why didn't you just marry Y/n before this while she was still riding in your house if you really love her like this? Why do you seem hesitant a bit now? What is going on until you start hesitating a bit to marry her?" SeokJin asked Jimin who was watching Y/n from afar.

"Y/n, why did you suddenly talk like this? Isn't this what you have been wanting all this time since you had a miscarriage a year ago? "Soyou asked with a bit of stuttering when she heard words from Y/n. Why did she suddenly think like this? It is not easy for Y/n to go through all these challenges and she has also had a miscarriage before due to her ex-husband.

"Yes, I know this is what I have wanted all this time but I myself do not know why I do not feel the slightest bit happy with my pregnancy. What I feel now is empty as if nothing is happening to me right now. " Y/n said to Soyou while wiping away the rest of the tears. "Don't say that you want to abort your contents. You know what the risk is if you have an abortion." Soyou said and Y/n shook her head to deny Soyou's words.

She had never thought of aborting a baby in her own womb before this. "I just don't feel happy with the sudden presence of this baby in a chaotic situation like this" Soyou nodded her head in understanding Y/n's feelings now.

" I know what you are going through now but this baby also doesn't know that he or she will exist in a situation like this and this baby is innocent." Soyou said while advising Y/n to calm down in the current situation for the good of the baby in her womb.

Jimin looked at SeokJin's face after hearing Y/n's conversation with her friend. "I have never been tempted to hesitate to marry Y/n all this time but Y/n has never been willing to marry me and I can't force her." Jimin said as he put his cup back on the table. "We don't understand why three of you are willing to destroy this friendship only because of the love that it is impossible for three of you to have what the future holds?"

"And why do three of you pursue something that is not sure will belong to the three of you? hurt because of unreachable love like this. I think, you should just stop before this thing happens worse than what the three of you thought all this time just because of getting love that is unlikely to belong to three of you later"

He tried to ignore SeokJin's words by looking at Y/n from behind again but they were not at the table anymore. Where did they go? But something was pointing his head.

"Stand and move to the black van now" Said someone to him and he knew who the owner of the voice was as he slowly raised his hand over his head while SeokJin tried to contact Namjoon to ask for help but he also pointed a gun at Seokjin to thwart his wish.

"Don't you dare do anything before my bullets become the first target both of you." Jungkook said while wearing a black face mask. "Jungkook, don't do something like this again. Please stop." SeokJin said while appealing to Jungkook.

"I will not stop once in a while as long as they is not destroyed from this world"

To Be Continued...

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