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-Kaila's POV-

When Mummy dropped me off at nursery, she looked excited about something, almost relieved. Daddy had the same expression when he gave me a kiss goodbye this morning too. Hmm, I wonder what they were up to...

Today, we were doing finger painting! I love painting. Especially when we can be messy.

Peter, a small, brunette boy in my class, was a very clumsy boy. He started playing tag around the painting table. Mary, our class helper, told him a lot of times to stop, but he carried on. What an idiot!

He ran past me and, being the little devil I am, I slyly put my foot out on purpose.

'Aahhh!' He screamed as he fell, heading straight for the big plate of rainbow paint.

It was like time had paused, or at least slowed down. We could all see every little movement of his arms flapping around and the way his eyes widened. It was a very, VERY funny moment for us all.

We all heard the big SPLAT as his face made contact with the rainbow plate. He was still and silent for a moment, stunned, like me and the rest of the class, including Mary.

A few seconds later, Peter stood up and turnt around to face us all. His face looked like he'd let a baby use their colouring pens on his face like a colouring-in book. The whole class burst out laughing, and straight away Peter started screeching in embarrassment, his way of getting attention.

Mary quickly ran over to him. 'Come on, dearie. Let's get you cleared up.' She soothed.

I could have sworn that there was a hint of a smile on her pale face, but I've been told a few times that I have an ability to imagine inappropriate things at inappropriate times.

My best friend, Mollie, giggled. She didn't laugh out loud. In fact she was never loud. Not in front of her friends or even her family. I turned to her a gave her a goofy smile. She gave me a embarrassed smile back.

I had met Mollie on the first day of nursery. I pranced in with my mummy and daddy and bumped straight into her, knocking her to the ground. Of course, I helped her up, being the angel that I am (*sarcasm*). We both smiled at each other and from then on, we had been best friends.

We were total opposites. She was short, I was (quite) tall for my age. She was shy and angelic, whereas I was loud and devious. She was a little on the chubby side, with very dark, curly hair. I was quite skinny, with very light, poker-straight hair.

But anyway, we might only be young, but we both know that this is gonna be a very long and true friendship.

-Lennie's POV-

'I can't wait to get rid of this bastard,' I sighed happily.

'Yeah, this is gonna be wicked. He's gonna crap in his little fairy panties when he sees us!' Matt, one of my hard-nut mates, laughed.

'Yeah, totally, man,' said Rob, my other hard-nut mate.

Right now, we were on our way to find The Man who had been evilly blackmailing my beautiful wife.

Yeah, she could have told me before and it wouldn't have gone on for so long, but, being the loving and caring woman she is, she didn't want to ruin mine and the kid's lives. She has upset me with what she done, but I love her so I have to forgive her.

I just really hope Carl and Kaila don't have to find out. But if Carl isn't mine, they'll have to know, whether we like it or not. We're supposed to be getting the DNA results back tomorrow.

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