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I'm starting to think I'm getting paranoid and it's freaking me out. The other day on the beach it felt like someone was watching me, but yet when I turned around nobody was there, being a rational person, I shrugged it off. 

But then yesterday morning after coming home from my run, there was a bunch of yellow roses on the front porch.

At first I thought maybe Derek or Deacon may have left them as a thank you for helping with Daisy the other day, but then I read the card and it said

"Welcome home.....I'll see you soon xoxo"

Which freaked me out big time, because I don't know anyone from my past time in River-Cove, I mean I haven't run into anyone I remember from years ago. Apart of Tess and Ray and I've already saw them, plus that note was a little creepy.

The oddest part about all of it though is that it isn't the first time I've been left yellow roses in River-Cove, my last summer here was the summer it started to happen, everyday there was a yellow rose addressed to me left on Nan's front porch that year, which I found weird back then....but now it's just scary.

And I'm trying not to freak out, but I'll be honest it's kind of making want to pack up my stuff and get out of dodge of River-Cove again.

But then I think of how easy it would be for Mia to keep popping up, so apart of me thinks the river-cove creeper might be the less stressful option.

Shaking out of my thoughts and called Grace on Facetime, if anyone can kick my ass for being silly it's that girl, and I need that right now.

"Hey...girly what's up?" snapping out of trance as I hear her voice, holding the phone out a little further so I could see my best friend, seeing her outside in light blue scrubs ....crap I forgot she would probably be at the hospital now.

"Shit.... sorry is this a bad time?" I ask her, she shakes her head for a no.

"I'm on my lunchbreak, so if you need a famous Grace ass-kicking.... better talk quick" She answered, giggling a little as she knows me so well.

"Okay so I need you to tell me I'm overreacting about something" she looks at me confusion in her eyes.

"Going to need more details first, T" nodding my head and sighed.

"You remember me telling you the story about the last time I was in River-Cove?" I ask her, hoping she will remember some of it, so I don't have to explain it all again to her.

"A little, you left early to get things sorted for college, right?" nodding my head but sighed.

"That was part of it yes.... but there was also another reason-;" I trailed off. She looks at me for a moment frowning.

"My last summer here, it got weird. These little notes were left for me on the house steps, along with yellow roses. Obliviously I didn't read too much into at the time, and with college coming up it was just simpler to leave and forgot about it all-;" I cut off and looked at my best friend on the phone.

"But then yesterday, I received the same yellow roses again-;" I added.

Grace was looking at me shell-shocked at the information that was just told to her.

"Tori....it sounds like your being stalked, back then and now again" rolling my eyes at her, now she's just being dramatic.

"I'm not being stalked Grace, it's just left me feeling a little edgy that's all-;" I sighed and then looked at her with a raised eyebrow,

"Anyways I called you, so you could tell me that I'm being silly about the whole thing"

"I wish I could, but I don't know I can...it just seems really weird"

"Thanks, your making me want to run far away from here, like right now"

"I don't think you there just yet, but keep your eyes open T..." she broke off for a moment, getting lost in her own thoughts before looking back at me.

"How about some company? I have a few vacation days that I have to take, how about I come and spend them in River-Cove, you could show me around?"

Feeling a smile on my face, mostly because it feels like forever since I've saw her in person, and I could use a friend.

"For real? That would great, I can't wait for you see River-Cove and meet Tess and Ray.... they are the sweetest couple ever-:" She cut me off with a smirk.

"Yeah and you can introduce me to those hot neighbours of yours. I mean I cannot wait to meet this Derek...the cop because the way you vent about him, he's clearly gotten under your skin, and that just makes me want to meet him even more-" She laughed and then looked over my shoulder, to the balcony doors.

"Um...Tori you do know there's someone standing on your balcony, right? If that's your stalker, he's devious handsome" she adds with a slight concern for me, but still smirking and drooling even.

Turning around to see no one other than Deacon standing out standing outside my balcony doors, shaking my head and sighed, reclaiming my heartrate.

"Not a stalker....at least I don't think he is...that's just Deacon-;" I said and waved him inside,

"Shit, I've got to go but I'll be there sometime tomorrow, I'll text you when I'm close" Grace says in a rush, nodding my head at her.

"Okay, see you then" I replied and ended the call just in time for Deacon to flop himself down on the sofa next to me, giving me his famous charming smirk.

"You know you live next-door right? Mixed up the houses or something?" I ask him, he looks at me and smiles winder.

"Funny, I came to see you actually" Deacon announced, narrowing my eyes at him curious.

"What do I owe the pleasure" I ask with my own smile,

"We're having a BBQ tomorrow, I came to invite you" the cheeky smile never leaving his lips, I like Deacon he's fun, he's a ball of energy, a joker unlike his grumpy, arrogant brother, who always seems serious.

"I can't sorry, my best friend is coming down for a few days and she gets here tomorrow" I explained, the last thing I want to do is spend more time around Derek, I don't know he just gets my bones or wired up and I hate that my body reacts to him, because I don't need that drama in  my life, I swore of men...remember!

"So bring her along, it's starts at four...don't be late" He argues, keeping my gaze on him and raised my eyebrow towards him.

"Does you brother know your inviting me?"

Deacon lets out a chuckle.

"Of-course, personally I can't wait to see you two together again, you two will probably let of more sparks then the BBQ itself" He joked and laughed, before giving me a friendly kiss on the cheek. And got up to leave, shaking my head as I catch onto his words.

"There's no sparks between us.... your imagining things" I yelled back at him; Deacon doesn't say anything just keeps laughing until he was safely out of my house.

Shaking my head and sighed, he has no idea what he's talking about. I don't have sparks with Derek, we have nothing between us, I'm not sure if he even likes me as a person, let alone anything else.

And you know what it doesn't even matter, it doesn't matter that my heart races when I think about him, or that fact that body tinges when I'm close to him, nope not of that matters because I am not dating for now, not after my last shitstorm of an relationship.

I'm especially not going to date Derek Henderson.... even if he is in my dreams most nights, naked.

Nope can't go there with the hot detective next-door...can I?

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