I probably won't even remember most of their names tomorrow, it's not like it'll matter though i mean.. I'll probably never see them again anyway.

Harry smirks, stands up from the couch and walks over to me then pushes me against the wall.

"Harry" my breath comes out in a whisper.

His lips attack my neck and I drop my red cup at the feeling,luckily there was nothing in it anyway.

"Your so beautiful" he mutters against my collarbone as he works his way up, attacking my face with kisses down my jawbones and I urgently pull his mouth down to meet mine.

He kisses my lips and then bites on my lip, asking for entrance and I groan accidentally letting him add tongue. I do the most stupidest thing ever, which I should not be doing considering I have a boyfriend, and react back.

"Your two minutes are up!" We hear and load banging starts on the door, indicating for us to come out.

But we don't.

"Kate" Harry breathes against my neck as he plants more and more kisses to my neck.

"Harry" I gasp as he kisses my soft spot, leaving another hickey on me.

"Guys! It's been about 10 minutes! Come out!" We hear Patrick shout.

Harry pulls away smirks winks and walks away opening the door, without another word.

Walking past the others and I do the same, going to find another bottle of vodka.

I look around the room once I've downed a shot that Louis gave me and see Harry and some random blonde dancing.

I roll my eyes and turn back to the drinks counter.

"You want another drink?" Louis laughs over the loud music.

"Yeah please" I slur.

"Wanna go dance?" He asks as he hands me a shot. I quickly down it and nod my head.

He grabs my hand and tugs me to the dance floor, each of us laughing as we dance comically, unlike everyone else who is dancing intensely.

"I think Harry's jealous" Louis whispers in my ear as I look over to Harry and Louis spins me in his arms.

"What's he got to be jealous about?" I question more to myself.

The next thing I see is Harry being pulled out of the living room by the blonde.

"I'm gunna go get some fresh air" I admit to Louis.

"Fine, you want me to come with?" He asks.

"No no, it's fine I'll be outside" I smile and walk to the front door and step outside.

I see Harry pressing the blonde girl up to the side of his car and kissing her wildly.

I stand watching and I see them get in the car as Harry gets in the drivers seat and drives away.

Well fuck.

How am I going to get home?

So much for 'I'll have you so I won't be alone if you go'.

And now I'm the one who's left alone.

And to make matters worse,Harry's drunk driving. Shit.

I stand outside for about half an hour getting fresh air and I see a car slowly slow down in front of me on this barely empty street.

"You getting in?" I hear the sound of Nate's voice.

Why does he have to turn up everywhere?

"Fine" I mumble as I feel sick so it'll be best just to go home.

"Kate!" I hear and look behind me and see Louis.

"Hey Lou" I smile.

"You coming back in?" He slurs.

"I'm gunna head home, I don't feel too well" I shake my head 'no'.

We both exchange phone numbers and he wraps his arms around me "I'll text you tomorrow" he smiles as we both pull away from the short hug.

"Sure" I smile.

"Wait a sec, you sure your okay going home with him driving you?" He asks looking in the car and seeing Nate.

"It's fine, I know him really well" I admit.

"Okay good, see you soon" he smiles as I climb into Nate's car and Nate begins to drive away.

"How come you was out here?" I ask breaking the silence.

"I could ask the same to you" he laughs.

The car remains silent again.

"And to answer your question I was at a friends" he states.

"Fine with me" I roll my eyes.

"God Kate, how much have you had to drink?" He asks concerned.

"Not that much" I laugh.

"Well by you slurring every sentence it's almost hard to tell the amount you've had" he speaks starting to get angry.

"Who cares?" I roll my eyes.

"I fucking do!" He almost shouts.

"Well I don't" I shrug.

"What about Liam? Your fiancé?" He asks.

What the hells that meant to mean?

"What's that got to do with me being drunk?" I ask as I take a glance at the clock and see its 1:35am.

"The fact that any guy in there could of made a move on you, and you won't even remember tomorrow and listen, I know me and Liam aren't on good terms but seriously Kate, I just want you to be happy" he explains as he carry's on driving.

He's right.

I probably won't remember anything tomorrow.


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