Chapter 20

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When Izuku woke up from his deep slumber the next morning, he could feel strong arms wrapped around his slim waist. He hummed softly, enjoying the warmth enveloping his body, before slowly opening his emerald eyes.

"Hey, princess..." Katsuki murmured in his low sexy voice.

It made Izuku blush, a cute rosy shade spreading on his cheeks as he registered the current position he was in, that is in Katsuki's arms. He contained a small flustered whimper and instead promptly hid his face into Katsuki's firm chest, embarrassment setting inside him.

But, more than embarrassment, he felt a warm feeling spread into his whole being as he realized Katsuki had for the first time waited for him to wake up...

"You didn't leave..." He timidly whispered against Katsuki's chest. A large hand started to gently run through his green locks and Izuku almost purred at the attention.

"I want to make sure nothing happens to you, I'm not gonna leave you alone anymore." Katsuki answered. He wasn't going to make the same mistake twice. If assuring Izuku's safety meant he had to protect the omega himself, he would do it. A simple guard wasn't enough anymore.

"Plus, your heat should be close, now, right?" He asked and Izuku softly blushed at the intimate question.

His heat was indeed close, a few days away at most, and it was making him anxious. The fact he would have to spend it with Katsuki was scaring him, even if things were getting better between them. It still was a moment where he would be incredibly vulnerable and he had never spent it with an alpha before...

"I don't want anyone else but me to touch you when it happens." Katsuki lowly murmured as he gently teased Izuku's ear with his fangs, enjoying how the tip would turn red as the omega was getting flustered. 

If Izuku's heat would strike when Katsuki wasn't around, there was no doubt someone else would try to claim the beautiful omega. Katsuki wasn't going to let this happen and he firmly intended to not leave Izuku's side until his heat would arrive.

Katsuki gave Izuku's earlobe one last gentle nibble before unwrapping his arms around the omega's body. "Let's get ready. You're gonna come with me to my meetings." He told as he left the bed. As the King, he had a lot of responsibility and important meetings to attend. 

They didn't take a lot of time getting prepared. Katsuki waited as Ochaco took care of Izuku, glaring the whole time at the sight of someone else touching his omega. Once they were both ready, they headed right to the meeting room.

Katsuki's generals were already here, at the exception of Monoma's seat remaining empty. Katsuki took his own seat and signaled Izuku to took the one next to him.

"Tell me what the situation is." He asked as he looked at his generals.

Kirishima was the one to answer. "As you know, Monoma is dead. You'll need to find a new general." He said and an expression of disgust showed on Katsuki's face at the mere mention of Monoma.

"It can wait. What else?" He asked.

"I found Kaminari unconscious yesterday, bleeding on the floor. I brought him to the infirmary." Kirishima informed and it immediately caught Izuku's attention. The omega couldn't help but interrupt. 

"Is he gonna be okay..?" He timidly asked, his voice filled with worry. It would be his fault if Kaminari was dead, and he surely wouldn't be able to take it.

"Yes, he should survive." Kirishima answered. Relief instantly filled Izuku at the information and his whole body relaxed. On the other hand, Katsuki let out a low growl, warmth swelling inside him again.

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