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The next morning, Y/N woke up bright and early, awaiting the dreaded day ahead of her. All night she was tossing and turning to the sound of snoring boys and the small squeaks of their beds whenever they would turn over. But that wasn't what was really keeping her awake. Although she had told Wilbur not to worry about today's events herself, she couldn't help but worry a bit about it too. She didn't want to see anybody go through pain today, emotional or physical.

She bounced her leg anxiously as she took small, quick sips from her drink. Everyone was already outside, grabbing their equipment and other essentials they'll be needing for this fight. She was already set up, long before the boys were even awake. She wore her L'manburg uniform as well as a sword low against her hip and bow over her shoulder. Although most people would've worn Armor in this sort of situation, L'manburg had this rule or term where they wouldn't be wearing Armor as an act of bravery and fearlessness.

Running a hand through her H/L hair, she got up and made her way outside to where everyone else was.


Her eyes immediately directed themselves to where the voice had come from and a smile soon crept onto her face.

The voice belonged to no other than Tubbo, a boy who had light brown wavy hair and bright blue eyes that glowed like the stars. He bounced up and down in excitement of seeing his friend finally come out from the truck and hugged her instantly. He was the other joint youngest in the group, tied with Tommy at 16 and like him, he was also full of energy. She had returned the hug almost as quick as he gave it to her and held him in a tight embrace. As he pulled away, she couldn't help but smile at boy and he smiled happily at her. Even on a day like today, he still beamed bright as always.

"Everyone's been waiting for you, come on" He says, tugging at her hand to follow him over to where everyone was waiting.

"Hey, everybody" she greeted, waving at the group as the two made their way over. They all waved back with their own hellos and greetings. Wilbur, Tommy and two others stood waiting, boredom clearly visible in their features.

One of them waiting was Fundy, who had bright red hair as well as fox ears pointing out  from the top of his head, despite him having mostly human features. He had light freckles dotting around his face and like everyone around him, he wore the same L'manburg uniform except in a slightly lighter blue shade compared to the others. He rested against a table containing a few bags and weapons with his arms loosely crossed over his chest.

The other one waiting was Eret, who had dark wavy brown hair and a pair of black sunglasses, which lay high upon the bridge of his nose, to a point where his eyes were not visible or anything. He, too, wore the uniform neatly with his sword in one hand and a cloth cleaning it with the other. He sat on a tree stump, glancing up briefly to greet Y/N as she arrived before going back to cleaning the sword. Although he seemed focused on what he was doing, it seemed as if there was slight unsteadiness hidden in his features but he quickly shook the feeling off, looking as normal as he could.

"Right, now that everyone is here, are we ready to go?" Wilbur asked, walking over to the front of the group.

"Go? Where are we going?"

"Eret has a secret room filled with a bunch of weapons and other valuables to help us in the fight before we start" he explained, gesturing to the boy who's focus was now on what they were discussing. He got up, placing his sword in its rightful place on his hip before walking over to a hidden trapdoor near one of the walls of their base and opens it.

"After you" he smirks, his hand gesturing for them to go in. Their faces quickly brightened in excitement and joy as they awaited on what they'd find on the other side of the trapdoor and walked over. One by one, they carefully climbed into the hatch, making their way down as quick as they could. Once reaching the bottom, Eret took the lead into showing them where they'd be going with them all trailing closely behind.

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