Learning to Love again: Chapter Four

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Hot tears slip down my checks as I slowly fad from my thoughts. My palms burning with a fiery intensity, as I, still in a daze slowly make my way back towards the present. When a boisterous knocking sound suddenly invades my thoughts, I feel myself emerging from the depths of my thoughts as quick as a whip. Slowly I roll down my window to see the guy from the graveyard peering curiously at me.

"How the heck did you find my house?" I screamed as he attempts to wrench open the door I slam the lock down.

Slowly he pulls out two silver keys from his pocket.

"You're...you're a liar. You knew who I was and...an..." I said as I get closer to him.

"What did I lie about? You just never asked me the right questions." He replied matter-of-factly

"Well I don't care get off my land." I said in a rash attempt to dry my face.

"But...Ms. Jinx. That is what you go by now isn't it? This isn't your house is it? Would you rather talk more sensibly about this situation at the station?" Reaching out a hand the grab me, I beat it away. I stare into his cold blue eyes. And look at his still disheveled black hair.

"What do you want to do to me? You already know all I know about myself and probably more. What do you mean go by now? How low one sink as to vandalize someone can's grave and then manipulates another's emotions without blinking an eye? What are you some manipulative private investigator? Outside my house like an MIB, there are no aliens in my house." I ask as I feel my pupils dilate and my hands burn. The tips are becoming small purple flames.

"I told you the truth when we first meet and I have never lied. Please come inside so we can talk about are current predicament. I would rather talk in more comfortable surroundings; after all there are certain matters that need to be dealt with." He replied calmly.

"I was never going to leave...you were." I replied curtly rolling down my window and snatching the keys which were still dangling in his hands.

"I'm sorry we can't find a common ground to discuss this very important matter." He said as he rubbed his hands, a small burn appearing on the outer ridge of his hand. Then leaning into the car, with his suave glasses taken off, his eyes look like caramel as I see deceit flicker through them.

"You know your secret isn't as safe as it used to be is it...now that I know I mean this isn't all illusion is it? I mean think of what the government could do with genes as manipulated as yours." He whispered as he leans inside my car.

"You must be losing your mind you crazy MIB, besides you're several years too late to do anything for me now. Now remove your head before I roll it up." I replied.

"Well we can talk about this inside can't we?" He replied with a shiver the snow covering him almost completely falling around him.

"Fine." I replied as I open the car door and slam it shut making him cringe at the sound.

"By the way my name is Luca in case you were wondering." He replied with a small smile.

"Honestly I didn't care and I still don't" I reply smacking the back of his head.

"Ouch! What on earth was that for?" Luca  replied rubbing the back of his head.

"You had a little bit of snow there." I said coyly as I turn around and skip up the stairs that lead inside the house. As soon as I attempt to turn the knob I realize my dilemma. The door is locked.

"Hey crazy girl I've been stalking open the door." Luca said after bumping into me.

"Hey crazy MIB you locked me out. And what happened to Ms. I enjoyed to feeling of being respected." I said in the same tone.

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