Armoni POV:

I can not believe this.

I missed the deadline for new dorm rooms and I'm getting kicked out of my dorm in two hours. I've been caught up with finals, work, and everything else, I forgot that I needed a place to stay.

"Hey, I've got a friend that needs a roommate." My teammate Brandy said. Brandy and I have been friends since her freshman year when she joined the track team. We've been inseparable ever since. Her and her twin sister Andrea are two of my closest friends.

"Really? Who and is it? Is it on campus or off campus?" I asked, firing questions at her, with hope.

"There's a flyer up in the commons about it, yeah it's about five or ten minutes away from your old room, it's in the Northland Apartments." She informed me, making me nod my head. The Northland Apartments are fairly new apartments and I've heard good reviews about them.

"Thank you so much, how about you and Andrea come with me to check it out?" I asked her.

"Yeah that sounds like fun, and then we can meet your new roomies, let me call Drea." Brandy said pulling her phone out.

I started packing up the rest of my things while Brandy was on the phone with her sister Andrea. I packed away all of my clothes already so all that was left was my bedding and the pictures that I had placed around the room.

"She said she'll meet us there in ten minutes." She told me. I was so focused on packing away my things, I hadn't even realized she'd had a full conversation with Andrea.

"Okay, well can you help me pack the rest of this stuff away?" I asked her.

"Girl you got too much shit." She complained.

"Just shut up and help me." I laughed. About half an hour later, we finished packing away my things and were walking down the stairway. I began putting the bags into my black Impala. After driving to the commons to locate the flyer that was advertising the apartment we went in to see if the flyer was still there. Hopefully it was, meaning that the apartment was still available to rent.

"Just rip it off so no one else can get there before you do." Brandy said as I ripped the flyer off the bulletin board and sprinted out of the building and to my car. When we got to the apartment building, we set off looking for apartment number 112.

We drove around looking for a parking spot until we found one at the end of the apartments. Once we got out of the car and began walking, we saw Andrea leaning against the building, talking on the phone.

When we all finally reached the correct apartment, Brandy knocked on the door, only to be answered with silence. She continued to knock until the door was swung open. A God stood in the doorway.

He towered over us in only a towel and he was dripping wet. I tore my eyes away from the man's body as the water cascaded down his abs, running over his tattoo's and then dissolving into his towel. The man cleared his throat and licked his lips. I squinted my eyes as I studied him. He looked so familiar but I couldn't remember where I knew him from.

"May I help you beautiful young ladies?" He asked with a smirk, his eyes lingered on Brandy momentarily before focusing all of his attention to me. I looked over at Brandy and she had the same smirk on her face as she watched him.

"Oh, I'm sorry. We must have the wrong apartment number." I said embarrassed. This couldn't be the same Rome that was looking for a roommate.

"It's fine, who are you looking for, I might be able to help?" He asked with that same smirk on his face.

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