Chapter 1: The Fight

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Careful with Your Words, Kyouhei!

Chapter 1:

Another typical morning at the Nakahara mansion; everyone awoke to Kyouhei yelling at Sunako, who was in the kitchen, for his breakfast. Three guys, Ranmaru, Takenaga, and Yuki, went downstairs and heard, "Brat! All I want is my breakfast!" Kyouhei was fuming.

"We'd have breakfast and food money, if it wasn't for some idiot that spent all of our allowance on lobsters, to watch them fight to the death!" Sunako shot back. She was pissed. How dare Kyouhei spend all their money, then, yell at her for the lack thereof! She had about had it with him!

"I'm not an idiot, brat!" Kyouhei yelled.

"I'm not a brat, doofus!"

On and on it went with three bystanders watching, until Kyouhei got out of line. "Just shut up, ugly!" The whole room went silent.

"Fi-ne," Sunako's voice cracked. She stormed out of the room, leaving Kyouhei speechless and looking regretful. Ranmaru, Takenaga, and Yuki were shocked and threw glares at the villain.

"Kyouhei!" Yuki protested. "You know it's not Sunako's fault! Why would you call her ugly?" Kyouhei looked uncertain, then, his face hardened like it usually does when he can't take the truth.

"Yeah, right! Just leave me alone!" Kyouhei went upstairs to his room. God, it just slipped out! It's not as if it's the end of the world. She needs to not be so damn sensitive. He plopped onto his bed, staring at the ceiling. Had he seen a sparkle of a tear when she stormed out? Nah, it couldn't have been! So, to escape from creeping guilt, Kyouhei put on some clothes and went downstairs to take a walk.

In Sunako's Room:

God, that bright creature didn't have to remind her how out of place she was! She was almost tempted to go into his room and give him a piece of her mind! But instead of doing something she'd regret later, she put on some clothes her aunt begged her to wear at least once; a black tank top with an off-shoulder, dark purple, with tight stomach and arms shirt, black skinny jeans, and dark purple converse. Her aunt also threatened that if she didn't wear the black eyeliner and purple eye shadow to match, and if she didn't take a picture of herself for proof, she would make her niece go to every ball her friends held.

She hastily took a picture, and unknown to her, she looked hot! To cover up what she looked like, she wore her black cloak over it all. Instead of going to Kyouhei's room and giving him a piece of her mind, she went out to one of the local bars to get away from the house and forget herself for a while.

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