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Lottie's POV:

Harry told me it was our little secret, and he wouldn't tell anybody. Somehow I had a feeling I could trust him. It almost felt as if I was safe in his arms. He was cuddling me the whole night. I fell asleep a few minute's after Harry said the last words.

His arms were wrapped around my waist. He was cuddling me suitably, so I wasn't in pain anywhere. The last thing I remember was drifting off into a deep sleep...

Harry's POV:

I looked around the small hospital room, to see it was sunlight outside. I looked on my phone to see it was 9:10am. The boy's would be here at 10:00am. That gave me enough time to eat breakfast, have a shower and get changed. I quietly made my way out of bed and went into the bathroom. I peeked my head around the corner to see Lottie laying their gracefully and peacefully. I slightly smiled and hopped  into the shower. 

After Shower.

I quickly dried myself from head to toe. I brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, and put on some deodorant. I got changed into some jeans and a regular t-shirt. I looked normal. I looked around the corner of the door, and saw Lottie still sleeping peacefully. I headed to the cafe, down the corridor and just had an apple. I was muching on my way back to her room. I walked in to see her still sleeping. I sat on the chair next to her bed and waited for the boy's to come. 

10 Minutes Later.

 I think this was the first time in week's I've seen Lottie so peaceful. I wanted to enjoy this moment. I smiled as I watched her sleep. After a few minute's all the lad's walked in. They walked in slowly and smiled immediately after they saw how peaceful she was.

"Haz, how did you get her to sleep so peacefully?" Louis asked me.

I shrugged and kept smiling at her.

"Any crying last night?" Louis asked me seriously.

I hesitated to answer.

"No.. Not at all" I said, in an uncertain tone.

"Harry?.." Louis asked me raising an eyebrow,

"She didn't!" I sounded more sure of my myself now, I hated lying to Louis.

Louis just walked away and started stroking Lottie's hair.
It was now 10:10am. And Lottie started to stir.

She opened her small eye's carefully and looked around at her surroundings. I smiled at her, while she half smiled back. After a long period of time a nurse walked in. "Ahh, your awake. Now, A Dentist will be here tomorrow to fix your broken teeth.." The Nurse said as she checked the clipboard at the end of the bed.

Lottie gave me an uneasy look, as she clutched her bed sheets.
"Lottie, It'll be alright, it won' hurt" Niall reasurred her.

She loosened her grip a bit after that.

"If you guys need anything, just call me guys," The nurse said as she walked out of the room.
"That reminds me," I suddenly perked up, and ran after the doctor.

Lottie's POV:

Harry left the room, and ran after the nurse. I suddenly got nervous. Harry returned a minute after, and smiled at me.

The nurse walked in after a minute, pushing in a tray. I sighed under my breath and dug my head into Harry's shoulder.

I felt a very painful shot go into my upper right arm. I winced in pain. It stayed in for a while, until I felt her take it out. I sighed in relief and pulled my head back.

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