My Dad's Heart <3

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Hey wattpadders! (: so, first story... It's a romance. I know how much you all like them! :D please comment, vote, fan? Make my day!



I slumped back in the chair, my mind blacking every thought and my life crumpling to pieces around me. 4 words had crushed everything I had, I had nothing now, just a home, some worthless items, like hair and make-up, and somebody there to be called my legal guardian. Don't get me wrong, my guardian was the best thing left about me, but she wasn't who I who I wanted, he was gone. "your father passed away." the last proper living relative I had was gone, no mother, grandparents, or uncles and aunts that gave a shit about be enough to drive out here and hold my hand while I picked up the pieces of my life my dad left behind.

I was an orphan. Ha! I sound like I'm from the 19 century. Maybe I should get a tight perm and dye my hair bright red, and go live in an orphanage. Though I think they're called 'homes' now, and there is all sorts of rules they need to follow so you wouldn't get the 'hard nut life' just like Annie.

He had been in a car accident, a stupid drunk driver, how could they do this? They had shattered a family all because they had to get intoxicated and sit in a big hunk of medal that could easily crush every single one of your internal organs and could crush so many hearts that were nowhere near the crash, but felt the impact so hard they almost suffocated with the pain of never seeing that smile, hear that laugh, say sorry for nothing and I love you, just so that person knew it again.

Jackie sat beside me in the same devastated slump, she was the closest thing I had to a mother since she had died of cancer, 3 years ago, she had been brilliant with my dad, a friend, and a shoulder when he needed it, but it was never romance, it was simply understanding of the situation. As my god mother, she had felt that as my mum was no longer about to help me through my teenage life then I was her responsibility and she had to be my female influence. She moved into our spare room, and became the woman of our household, she cooked, she cleaned, she heard all my problems, she was the person to get me a plaster when I fell, and the one to give me a hug and explain how life went on when that guy dumped me. And now, now she was my guardian.

The doctor muttered something respectfully and scuttled off as if it was just routine. Routine, this meant nothing to him! He just wrecked my life and he thought that putting on his neutral face, explaining that they had done everything they could but his skull had been fractured so badly it had literally crumbled under his skin was ok! It made me feel sick. It made me feel sick to picture the image of my dads blood splattered head, dented and disfigured. He wouldn't be buried the man he was, he would be buried a stranger.

I heard a sniffle beside me, and I turned to see Jackie's tear stained face and watery eyes staring at me,

"what do you think?" she asked me desperately.

"what?" I asked furrowing my brow trying to think back to what the doctor had said.

"about donating his organs?" she said.

"WHAT?" I shouted. People were starting to stare, but I didn't care. My dad's insides being distributed to just other random people who 'needed them'. Well guess what, I needed my dad. Over my dead body

would his caring heart and his organs go to others. "No. No way." I concluded.

"But Faye, you could save a life, you could save somebody from dying, don't you want that?"

"no, dad has died, they can die too."

"faye, imagine what they are feeling, a stranger who knows that the might not see the sun rise tomorrow."

"I don't care, they should have seen it this morning."

"You could stop a family feeling the way we are feeling right now," she said quietly, looking at the floor.

That did it. Nobody deserves to be feeling this way, nobody should feel they whole weight of the world on their shoulders, knowing how much they would need to go through now and knowing that whatever life throws at them, the person they loved so much, wouldn't be there to hold their hand, and wouldn't be there to tell them everything would be okay, to tuck them in at night, a kiss on the cheek and a whispered reassurance.

I couldn't believe how persuasive jackie could be sometimes. "fine." I told her, my heart breaking into a million pieces and my pride shrinking from eating my own words.

I felt her shuffling over a bit, and she gave me a weak squeeze around the shoulder which I think was meant to be a hug. " You're doing the right thing," she reassured me. I bloody well hoped I was.


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