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time skip back to la

well hawaii was amazing everyone had such a good time and it was so fun, i think we all got a little closer after that but anyways we got back to la 2 days ago and bryce and josh were off to washington for some meetings for ani energy but at least i'm filming the so what video with jaden today. (btw the music video is based off of jaden's actual so what video with a bit of a twist)

i had just dropped bryce and josh off at the airport and i was headed to the set for jaden's music video i drove over to starbucks and grabbed us coffee. the set was only about 20 minutes from the airport so i made my way over to the set. i arrived to the set grabbed the coffee's and made my way inside, i knocked on the dressing room door "yeah" i hear through the door i opened the door and walked in "hey ryderson" he says giving me a hug "hey jay" i say handing him a coffee "i love you thank you" he says taking a sip i laughed "so you excited?" i asked "yes definitely and they said we can probably get the video out tonight!" he says "yay oh my god!" i say. "so they put out a outfit for you and then someone's gonna come do our makeup" jaden says "alright i'll change" i say, i grabbed the clothes and went into the bathroom and changed into (outfit below)

 "so they put out a outfit for you and then someone's gonna come do our makeup" jaden says "alright i'll change" i say, i grabbed the clothes and went into the bathroom and changed into (outfit below)

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i walked back out "i like it" jaden says "hehe thank you" i say sitting back in my chair. the makeup artists came in and started doing our makeup "i feel so famous" i say "yeah i know i feel cool" jaden says. they finished up quickly
i got up and followed jaden out the door "so basically everyone just gonna be sitting at the desks and your just gonna be chilling in the back" he says "ok sounds good" i say smiling. we arrived to the set "hey i'm the director mooch" he says hugging me "hi i'm alyssa ryderson" i say "nice to finally meet you jaden rants and raves about you" he says "well he's great" i say smiling. he quickly explained what was going down again and then i went and sat in my seat "alright rolling in 3,2,1!" he yelled the music started playing as we did our stuff jaden turned around and looked at me and i smiled as the camera turned to us, he turned back around and everyone threw there papers at him "and cut!" he yelled "that was perfect!" he says "good good" jaden says.

time skip

we were on our last seen for the video and jaden didn't tell me freaking machine gun kelly was in this video "hey alyssa this is mgk" jaden says "hey big fan of your music man" i say "ay thank you alyssa i've heard a lot about you" he says hugging me. "alright rolling!" mooch yelled i was dancing around when jaden and travis hopped up on stage and took over on my que i made my way through the crowd up to the front where the stage is and i smiled and looked up at jaden he put his hand out and i grabbed it and he helped me up on stage and he put his arm around my waist as he was singing and we finished "and that's a wrap!" he yelled everyone clapped and cheered i hugged jaden "in so proud of you" i say "thank you ryderson" he says. we all went in a room and watched the video "alright we can get this out in about 2 hours" mooch says "awesome" jaden says "alright so you wanna get out of here?" jaden asks "yeah let's go celebrate but first i needa go home and change" i say "yeah same i came in a hoodie and sweats" jaden says "alright i'll meet you at home" i say. we both left in our cars and drove back to sway, i got back to sway and headed up to my room and quickly changed into (outfit below)

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