Chapter 1

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*Rose's P.O.V*                                                                                                                                                           --------------------------------------------------  ~~~~/~~~<0 ----------------------------------------------------------------      

 The loud pounding of the music, the other girl with their dates, is making my prom a really good one. I have an amazing boyfriend and was so happy when he asked me to go to prom with him. "Rose you look........Gorgeous!" Dylan exclaimed. 

I am wearing a blood red mini-dress and Dylan had given me a corsage with a rose on it that matched perfectly. "Thanks Dylan, you look handsome" I replied giving him a kiss on the cheek. 

Dylan and I have only been dating for three weeks and he is so sweet to me. Then our song went on, "Time of our Life" and I pulled him onto the dance floor saying "This is our song, our moment".

"Everything is perfect" I think as I dance with Dylan.

Little did Rose know that her perfect night would soon come to an end and that something or Someone was going to ruin this perfect night for everyone

*Dylan's P.O.V*

----------------------------------------------------- ~~~~/~~~<0 ----------------------------------------------------------------

Rose looked so beautiful, I can't believe she is my girlfriend. This night is so perfect. When Rose pulled me out to dance at first I didn't want to, but she convinced me by telling me that this was our song so I gave in. 

As we were dancing I noticed a boy who looked gorgeous. I am not gay but that was his discription. He had perfect blonde hair and blue eyes, his skin was perfectly tan, and he was dressed very stylish. I had this feeling I knew him from somewhere. Then I remembered. It was him. Jesse. The guy who was determind to turn Rose. But I couldn't let that happen, Rose is too precious to me. I don't want her to go through all the struggles I go through. The desire of blood, the pain. I couldn't allow it.

Suddenly Rose wandered off and I couldn't find her. "She can't be that hard to find" I said to myself."Her blonde hair will make her easy to find."

Finally I find her by the punch table talking to him. "Oh no!" I rush over to her. '"There you are Ro...I thought I lost you." Rose giggled "I was just talking to this handsome fellow, Jesse. Don't worry, lets go Dyl"

"Stay away from her" I snarled at jesse as I walked away. "I can't promise that. But you might want to tell her that to because I sense I will be seeing her soon enough. Jesse replied flashing me a fake smile. 

Uchh I really hate this guy. I f he even looks at her again I think I might drain him of all his blood.

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