{14} A Midnight Hunt

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"So how did you get join in the first place?" Mika asked with a hidden smirk. Levi suddenly remembered the past events when he was younger; living in the underground as thugs, forced by Erwin, Isabel and Farlan. 

"I was forced." 

Mika nodded, he wouldn't have seen it since they were whipping through the air with their gear. "Why are we hunting if Titans can't move?" He asked.

"Exactly, we slice em' up frozen." 

Levi glared at her as if she was a gruesome stick. She let out a small chuckle, "I'm just kidding. Look around." 

He gazed through the midnight trees and under the leaves where different animals and species lured through peacefully. A little too peacefully that he became unawerly jealous of the creatures.

"How did you get out here?" He asked her, this time with genuine question. Mika didn't want to lie, but now wasn't the time to expose the secrets she's been keeping. One mistake after another and she could be running from him again...not that she cared.

"Well, my clan -or squad- is quite skilled. We set out for practice at night for a much more safe precaution. Then other captains discussed it with me, and that's how we discovered these."

Now that was real, all real. No details needed.

"...and, who is Isabel?"

She almost halted to a stop. How does he know? Don't tell me the files....

"Isabel Church is part of my group, a very nice girl if you ask me."

Although her last name was actually Magnolia, I guess switching it with Farlan's would make it sound believable. 


"Mhm, now pick your loopy head up and look." He gave a quick glare before he did, and the sight was breath taking.

"What..is this?" He asked without believe. The sight that lay ahead of him were clear views of fields and fields of everlasting flowers and lakes. But he immediately looked away, he would not think of living there and abandoning his own home. But then it hit him.

"Why haven't you moved?"

"I can't, and my scouts know too. We all know that to face the consequences..it's hard. Plus the amount of time to slay all the titans and clear the area would be-"

He whipped around to face her, "Clear the area?"

"We're the only organization that ever plans out this kind of things. Much more, ever since it started we've only lost two men clearing the area. Including the Princess." 


Levi couldn't believe anything that came out of her mouth, and everything he saw around him. Maybe it was just walls painted.

"Yeah, Miss Bella Thorne." 

It was weird for Mika to say her other name, talking as if it was a completely different person. Status ways, it was. But deep inside she was the same old girl who lost her parents, her friends, her brother-


Mika's head shot up as she saw an arrow zipping through...yet she could only watch as it implanted itself in the worst place possible.

Her heart.

"Mika? Mika!" The urgent cries were heard as her vision shifted continously, causing her to nauseous get nauseous and wanting to sleep again.

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