Mother of Myself

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10 - Mother of Myself

The morning air was cool but the rising sun predicted a warm day. John Shelbourne was bringing his family fishing. There was something he wanted to discuss with Areana and he wanted it to be in a joyous setting. John Junior was bringing a date; Kay Hunt, the new girl he was dating. Since he got lucky at the party they became a couple. The author will now take the opportunity to describe Kay. Knowing John Junior's taste for women, she was of course very beautiful and well endowed. She had the composite face of beautiful women from antiquities Marilyn Monroe to today's sex symbol; Tita Lating (1). But it was her perfect body that attracted John Junior the most; the smooth arms longing to be stroked; long velvety legs, not too skinny and not to plump and hips you could cup with your hands Her breasts were the star attractions and, if you had X-ray vision, you could see that the paps, centred on the ample mounds, were perfect. Her areola, like suns on a skin coloured heaven, supported two superb nipples that pointed at you, like minarets craving for the sky. They were begging, just begging to be  .....(2)

They took John's plasma powered Mercedes and headed for Big Fish bay where John's 100 foot yacht, the Sea Oar, was moored. When they got to the dock, John entered Jack's Bait and Tackle, a small shop located on the waterfront, to get some bait. The owner, a short Hispanic man with a huge moustache, was sitting behind the counter sorting some lures in the display case. John yelled out:

"Jack, off from your seat and serve your customers. Besides, you can't count!"

Jack's head jerked up as he yelled "Say what! Oh its you John, wish you wouldn't startle me that way, now I did lose count."

"Its always a pleasure to see your reaction. Anyway I need some bait, I'm taking the family fishing this morning on the old Sea Oar."

"That old thing," Jack responded, " she can't have people on her anymore, she's seen better days; her bow is sagging and her internal workings were in disarray the last time you brought me on board."

"There's no more problems Jack, I've had her completely refurbished; all the holes are plugged and she no longer leaks. Also she his now outfitted with the most modern equipment money can buy".

"Ok John, if you say so. What kind of bait are you looking for"

"We're going after shark so we need chum, tuna and stingrays. "

"Will you need a baiter to go with you? I've got a master of the trade available for you this morning; Master Baiter Long Dong is the best I 've seen coming out of Asia."

John smiled "No it won't be necessary."

Jack would not be put off "Are you sure? This guy is fantastic. I've seen him working with worms; any girth any length he'll have them wiggling at the end of a hook in no time. He's good with blood suckers too."

"Very funny Jack. And you wonder why I kid you."

"Ok Mr Shelbourne, I'll get it ready for you." Jack went to the back of the store and returned with some buckets filled with the requested material.

"Is there anything else?" Jack said as he returned with the bait.

"Yeah I need a couple of fishing poles."

"Sorry all I've got is some fornicating Russians this morning. Just kidding, I'll get them for you."

After paying Jack, John quickly left the store and joined the rest of the group on the Sea Oar.

John asked John Junior if he could go steer the ship out of the harbour and gave him the speed to set and coordinates for Turtle Head Island so that he could adjust the automatic pilot once they were out in open sea. He also added:

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