🎃Kinktober: Day 12🎃

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Kinktober; Day 12: Whips
Nemuri Kayama x Male!Reader
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"N-Nemuri? Why are you tying me up right now?" (Y/n) asked, his hands being bound to a wooden pole.

"Oh~ Just for fun. But don't worry Sweetheart, I'm not going to hurt you... that bad." She says, cracking a whip against the cement floor.

Nemuri and (Y/n) shared a house and currently, they were in Nemuri's "Torture Chamber". Which really was just the basement where see kept all of her little items and toys.

"C'mon now. You don't need to tie me up to whip me..." (Y/n) admits. Nemuri stands before him and tilts his head down just a bit to peck him on lips.

(Y/n) leans into it and he tries to break free of his chains to keep kissing her.

"Naughty boy.." Nemuri stepped back and raised the whip, striking (Y/n)'s bare chest.

"Ah! That stings!" He cried, clenching his muscles. Nemuri bit her fingernail at the sight of her lover bound, with one bright red welt across his chest.

"Hold on just a moment Sweetheart." Nemuri sets her whips down on a side table and heads to a closet. Opening the door, she leans in, picking some things up from a box inside.

"Now what do you have?" (Y/n) asked, a pulsing pain on his chest.

"Oh nothing... just this." She holds a silver ring, and (Y/n)'s face goes white.

"Don't you dare..." He growls, pulling at the restraints.

Nemuri snickers to herself and gets on her knees in front of (Y/n). Carefully stroking his cock, she clasps the ring around the base.

"Get that off!" He shouts.

"Oh c'mon Sweetheart, don't act like you don't like it. You're practically throbbing in my hand." Nemuri says, looking up at him, hand still stroking him.

"Mmm... That doesn't mean you can put a cock ring on me." He groans.

"Then.." She stands up and grabs the whip from the table, "I'll just have to use this. You did say you'd let me have my fun and games when we decided to live together."

(Y/n) sighs, "Alright."

Nemuri giggles and twirls the whip, "This is going to be so much fun!"

She walks around him, inspecting all of his body as he is bound. Stopping behind him, she whips his back, making (Y/n) gasp and tense up.

Nemuri does it again, this time on his ass. He yelps like a dog and wraps his hands around the chains he is bound by.

"So honest... it's exciting." Nemuri says. She continues around him and stands in front of him again. This time, she sat down and spread her legs for him to see.

"You're not wearing anything underneath..." (Y/n) says.

"Nope.. and if you can resist cumming for a whole five minutes, I'll let you fuck me senseless. Do we have a deal?" Nemuri says.

"And what if I don't last five minutes?"

"Hmmm.." Nemuri taps a finger on her lips, "Oh. I get to keep you there until you can."

"That's torture!" (Y/n) shouts.

"But that's the fun of it. Now try and resist me." Nemuri gets on her knees in front of him and removed the cock ring, quickly taking him into her mouth.

Not even seconds later, (Y/n) came.

"Wow. Did you even try?" Nemuri looks up at him with a sly smirk.

"What can I say... your whipping turns me on.."

"What a naughty little masochist.. round two. You better last longer than five minutes if you want to dom me, Sweetheart."

"Game on..!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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