🎃Kinktober: Day 9🎃

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Kinktober; Day 9: Cuffs
Dabi x Fem!Reader
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"D-Dabi? Hey! We can talk this out!" (Y/n) says was her lover closed hand cuffs around both of her wrists and her ankles, attached to each edge on the bed frame.

"You get what you deserve. You went out with that birdbrain and you shouldn't have done that last night." He grumbles.

"Oh come on! You're still on about that?! Keigo invited me on a mission!" (Y/n) says, pulling at her cuffs.

"I don't care." Dabi says. He sits down on the bed by (Y/n) legs. Because of her cuffs, she was splayed out in a starfish position.

"And you deserved that you asshole! You always fuck me senseless! It was your turn to understand what I felt." (Y/n) growled.

Dabi frowns, "And that's enough reason for payback."

He gets on his knees and picks up (Y/n)'s waist. He holds her by where her legs and hips meet, "Be ready to beg like a bitch in heat."

"Wha—Oooh fuck.. Dabi~!" (Y/n) throws her head back in ecstasy. Using one hand to hold her still, he uses the other to tease her clit.

Applying the slightest pressure and heat, (Y/n) started to cry out, "Dabi~! I'm sorry~ ahhh! Please!! Nghh! Haahhh... Shit!"

Dabi grunted as he felt her clench around him and he chuckled, "Cumming already? How cute, little mouse."

(Y/n) arches her back and Dabi starts to thrust into her harder, "That's it little mouse! Louder! Moan like the slut you are!"

(Y/n) glared at him until he leaned over her and clasped a hand around her throat.

"GHHK! Da...bi!" (Y/n) looked up at him with angry, lust filled eyes.

"Oooh, is some upset with me? Perfect." Dabi slowed his pace and pulled out of her. (Y/n) sat up as far as she could and looked at Dabi.

Tugging at her cuffs, she tried her hardest to get as close as possible to Dabi, "You bastard! Now you're gonna tease me?!"

"Oh what an angry little mouse... if you want it so bad, beg for it." Dabi sat back so (Y/n) could see his fully erect cock.

"You.. just wait until I'm out of these cuffs." (Y/n) clenches her fists.

"Uh Huh... now do you want this cock or not?" Dabi smirked. He slowly began to stroke it, teasing her even more as his fingers traced up and down his cock.

(Y/n) stares at him and licks her lips, "Yes."

"Then beg like a bitch."

(Y/n) growled and sighs, "Please Dab—Daddy! I want you to fuck me with your cock! I can't take it anymore!" One thing (Y/n) was good at, was acting.

"Of course, when you beg like that." Dabi aligns himself with (Y/n)'s entrance, "How could I possible say no? Hm!?"

Dabi thrusts into her and continues the same pace as before as if he never stopped in the first place.

(Y/n) had to have came four or five times by the time Dabi came once. But he sure as hell wasn't done with her.

"Round two?" He smirked as he sat, panting heavily.

(Y/n), who was trembling, glared, "If you don't get me out of these cuffs, I swear to god I will—"

"Or you'll what little mouse? Who's in control here?" Dabi smirked, flicking her clit.


"If you can get free."


"Oh shit you're free."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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