🎃Kinktober: Day 5🎃

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Kinktober; Day 5: Spanking
Shinso X Fem!Reader
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"What did I say about disobeying me, Kitty Cat?" Shinso growls into (Y/n)'s ear.

"To hell with that! I don't have to—Ah!" (Y/n) argues and was cut off by a stinging pain on her rear. "Don't spank me like a child!"

"Don't act like a child." Shinso says, slapping her ass once more. (Y/n) clenches her fists and glares up at Shinso. 

Shinso had (Y/n) laid across his lap, holding her down with one hand and using the another to spank her like a toddler. 

"You're enjoying this too much." (Y/n) grumbles. 

"Of course. And so are--YOU!" Shinso raises his hand and smacks (Y/n)'s butt much harder than before. 

"Ow! That one hurt!" She cries, tears building up in her eyes. 

Shinso released her and she got up on her knees, rubbing her bottom. She winced at the touch, but secretly, that sting made her heart race. But she wasn't going to tell Shinso that. 

"Are you okay?" He asks. 

"I'm fine." (Y/n) says. Shinso sighs and sits back against the wall. 

"Come here, would you?" Shinso pats his lap, beckoning for (Y/n) to sit down. 

(Y/n) rolls her eyes and gets on her knees over Shinso. He cups her cheeks to kiss her and when she relaxes, he pulls her down onto him. 

"Against the wall." Shinso says as they break the kiss. 

(Y/n) does as she's told, not happily, but she does. Shinso grins and caresses her sides, "Good Kitty~" 

He presses his chest to her back and teases her with his fingers while kissing her shoulder. 

"Hitoshi~" (Y/n) cries. Shinso leans back and stops teasing her. He removes her skirt, finding a bright red hand print on her rear. 

"Ouch. I did hit you pretty hard. Sorry Kitten." Shinso chuckles softly, placing a gentle hand on the mark. 

"You owe me." (Y/n) grumbles, holding herself against the wall. 

"Will this do?" Shinso thrusts his hips to meet hers and (Y/n) gasps. She shakes, looking over her shoulder. 

Shinso took a deep breath, "Tight as always." He pulls out, only to thrust back in, making their hips collide once again. 

Despite trying to hold himself back, Shinso grabs a handful of (Y/n)'s ass, in the same spot he had hit her before. 

"Ah! Hitoshi! Careful!" (Y/n) glances over her shoulder. 

Shinso smirks, "You're body deceives you..." He strikes (Y/n)'s rear once again, making her yelp. Shinso growls, feeling her clamp around him. 

"Haahh, your making it so hard to move.. f-fuck.. Kitty!" Fighting against (Y/n)'s tightness as he slaps and gropes her bottom, he thrusts into her slow and hard. 

"Hitoshi~~ahhh..!" (Y/n) calls out his name, shaking. Shinso grabs her hips and pulls her into him. 

"Kitten..! Fuck... you're so good Kitten! Hngh!" 

(Y/n) moans rather loudly as Shinso finishes inside her. Pulling out of (Y/n), Shinso breathes heavily and slides on his underwear and shorts. 

(Y/n) trembles and puts a hand on her ass, "I'm going to kill you..." 

"What? You liked it, didn't you?" Shinso cocks an eyebrow. 


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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