Chapter 11: Spontaneous New York Trip?

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Tyler's POV

"I'm leaving soon" Winter stated the next morning, pouring herself some cranberry juice. We both hadn't brought up anything about the night before and I sure as hell wasn't going to talk about it if she wasn't.

"Going where?" I questioned, my eyebrows furrowing up in confusion as I starting the new coffee machine.

"New York. I have a sudden Writing Conference there, would you like to come?" She asked nonchalantly, sipping her juice.

"I-I.. Yes! Could I bring my book manuscript?" This would be an amazing opportunity to get constructive criticism from the greatest!

The corner of her face tugged up into a barely noticeable smirk, "You know, I like to believe I'm one of the greatest as well." She said, slightly turning her head to face me.

Shit! I said that out loud?

"Yes, yes you did. Please refrain from voicing your thoughts, it's hurting my pride." She fully turned to me and fake pouted, a hint of humor in her pale eyes.

"I'll go pack my bags now." I shamefully stated, walking back towards my room.

"You do that." She chuckled softly, setting her empty glass on the table.

Her chuckle sent shivers down my spine.


"Stop it."

"But I'm uncomfortable"

"And I don't care, get your feet off the mans chair before he gets back and we get kicked off this plane, Tyler." Winter warned, looking up from her book.

"We will be landing in about 15 minutes, thank you for flying Delta." The annoying flight attendant stated, making eye contact and giving me a little more attention then I wanted.

"She wants to sleep with you." Winter replied, putting away her book. I just about choked on my complementary Champaign.

"I just adore how blunt you are." I retorted, the statement coming out sarcastic even though it was 100% the truth. I loved how I never had to guess what she was thinking and she never sugar coated anything.

"Alright let's go." Winter ordered, spilling out with the rest of the passengers into the isle.



"It's under the PMAT Writing Convention."

"And I'm underpaid. Listen lady, there are about 50 other Writers staying here, so could you just tell me what your last name is here so I can go on break already?"


"Room 216, enjoy your stay."

The Lobby area was large and open spaced, gorgeous gold and white accents with hues of black covered the walls. The furniture was an antique style and screamed expensive.

"Come on Tyler, stop staring at the furniture." Winter directed, all but dragging me out of the Lobby.


Winters POV

"Oh hell no." I stated, looking at the hotel room.

"It's not that bad." Tyler voiced from behind, looking it over with me.

"I specifically asked for two beds..."

Damn, I thought. There stood in front of me was 1 temptingly soft queen sized bed, next to one dark grey bedside table and one bathroom to the left... Not at ALL what I requested. It wasn't the fact that I was incapable of sharing but this situation would not be a favorable one.

"Should we call in?" Tyler asked, dropping his suitcase.

Flashbacks from the conversation I had with the lady at the front counter 10 minutes ago rushed back. Nope. 1 bed it is.

"No..." I sighed, "I rather not deal with Queen Bitch from Lobby Floor Level 1. I don't have it in me to contain myself from back handing that asshat."

Tyler chuckled softly, unzipping his suitcase. "Asshat? You never seem to amaze me with your unique word choice. Come on, we have a gathering in 30 minutes and I rather not be late for my meeting with fate."

"Let's not forget who helped you with that manuscript. My name better be in that dedication page."

"We'll see." Tyler replied, smiling.

That same smile that made my heart pound and stomach flip.

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