"x=412.5," I groan, tapping my pen against the corner of my mouth. Linda smiles.

"Correct. See, I knew you were good at math!"

I roll my eyes. I'm farthest from being good at math. I was the only eighth grade gifted student who wasn't in advanced math.

"Well, that's all for math today," Linda tells me. I nod and pack my things up. 'We have to get through science and English by next Friday, alright?" I nod and inside, I'm dying.

I give my stuff to Linda and decide to go play Dead Rising 2 with Niall.

I stand up next to him and he pauses the game. "Can I help ya?" he asks.

"Where's the second Xbox?" I ask him.

"Your room, I think. Harry had it in there earlier. Said your bed was comfortable," Niall spits robotically before quickly turning back to his game of COD. I roll my eyes and smirk. Boys will be boys, I think humorously.  I find Dead Rising 2 and grab it from the shelf, turning to go to my room.

I open the case to find it missing. I smile. If anything, that means it's already in my Xbox. So, I open the door to my room and find Harry sitting on my bed, gaping at me like a deer in headlights. His grip tightens around his controller and he completely freezes. He's in shock and looks terrified.

"Scoot over," I say jokingly as I take a seat next to him. He obeys and I watch as he plays Chuck Greene. "You don't change costume?" I question. He shakes his head.

"I like to stick to the originals," he tells me.

"Same here."

For the next half hour, we take turns playing the game, laughing and raging when we die. Eventually, a knock sounds at the door. We both look up to find Louis smirking with his knuckle raised.

"Dinner," he tells us in a smug tone. Harry lags behind a bit as I race out to eat.

I have a feeling Niall ordered.

There are eight bags from Five Guys on the table, each with a cup filled to the top with ice and Pepsi. I grab two bags and stick my tongue out at the boys, running back to my room.

Happily, the two bags I picked out were Double cheeseburgers with a crapload of fries. I ate and sipped on my soda, waiting for Haz so we can continue our game.

Eventually, he comes back. I ball up my bags and toss them in my garbage can. He smiles and we continue.

A little while later, it's Zayn's turn to interrupt.

"Harry, management told us since we're in Charlotte, we should make a public appearance at a mall and a few other places tomorrow," he tells him. Harry nods and suddenly turns to me.

"You want to come with us?" he asks me. I nod.

"Sure!" I reply. I bite my lip to keep back the "it's more fun that being on a tour bus all day" part of what I planned on saying.

Harry leaves my room after saving. I frown and he winks at me. My heart skips a beat literally. I lost air for a second there.

"Make sure to shower tomorrow morning, okay?"

I nod and salute for some weird reason. He shuts my door and I sigh, deciding to get dressed in my pajamas.

I throw on my Jake the Dog (from Adventure Time) dress which I use as a nightgown type of thing. I brush my hair out and put it up on top of my head in a loose bun. I head out into the living room to be made fun of by Zayn. In return, I mess his hair up and he glares at me.

"Just wanted to tell you guys to keep it down. I'm going to bed," I tell them.

"Night!" everyone calls. I smile when my back is turned and walk back to my room, shutting the door and leaping under the covers.

I wake up and groan. Niall frowns at me. So he was the one who woke me up.

"What?" I growl. He flinches, a bit unprepared.

"We have to be ready and out the tour bus doors in two hours. The rest of us are ready. Get up," he tells me. I groan and roll out of my bed, smacking my face on the floor. Well, actually, Niall's shoes.

"Oww," I whine, getting up. He leaves and I check my closet, finally picking out an outfit. I grab my shower stuff and head into me and Linda's bathroom.

I peel off my clothes and run a brush through my hair, stepping in the shower. Thank God the bus moves smooth.

I shave and wash up, but continuously eye the razor. I try to shake the thought out of my head. I can't. I rush out and grab an unused razor, peeling it open and grabbing the blade, letting relief wash over me as the sharp edge drags along my wrist.

Then again. And again. And again. I'm about to go again when a knock sounds at the door.

"Hurry up, princess. Lou is gonna do your hair. We just picked her up."


"Thanks, Louis!" I call, gulping. I look down at my trembling wrist. Blood is dripping everywhere. I bite my lip and clean it up. Luckily, the bleeding stops after I dry off.

I throw on new underwear and a pair of black skinny jeans. I throw on a black cami and my zip-up Hollywood Undead hoodie.

I step out of the bathroom and Lou Teasdale is standing there with everything ready.

She quickly dries and straightens my hair to perfection. She offers to do my makeup, but I refuse, telling her that I typically don't wear makeup.

I step out and Liam smiles. "Ready?" he asks. I nod and we grab a few more things.

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