The picture is of Cyrus Wolfin (Ryan Phillipe)

The Psychic Study


2. The News

 The woman was very beautiful, her light brown hair down to her elbows, her green eyes dazzling. 'Ruby!' I freeze, ready for an eruption of thoughts and energy, but coming out blank, a whirl of golden calm around me instead. Only one person I know can hide their energy thuds that well.


'I'm sorry to bother you again Ruby, but you and your sister need to come to the Institute. Those tests we did at the hospital, well, we were thinking we could try them again. Try to control your, gift, and you might even learn something interesting about it. You know, your gift is a--'

'Curse! It's a curse! I can see the ghosts, the essences of people, feel what they felt, see what they saw, and hear what they want me to know. I’m like the real version of the ghost whisperer! I can't stop the thoughts that cloud my head like you can hide yours from me, and my friend’s thoughts! I have to listen to questions they want to ask me, knowing I won't give them an honest answer! I have to hear it as they try to figure out what's up with me! Do you know how that feels? Do you truly understand, Joyleigh?' I shouted. 

Don't shout at me Ruby, when I may be the only one who can help you with your CURSE. Just come to the Institute, I may be able to help you, and all the others like you. She shot a thought right through my head, causing me to flinch, the golden light replaced with voices and shades of grey. 

'Fine. I'll come. But you leave my sister alone, no harsh comments, nothing that will either hurt her, upset her or even both. You understand? No mess abouts.' 

'Ruby. I would never put any of you in danger. TPSU is a very stable, safe place now. It's a big place, where you can stay and have tests. I've asked the eight to come and one other. Some have immense powers, some even I don't understand! We have a PSV for them. Psychic Study Volt.' She looks at me, feeling frustrated and impatient about me not saying straight away I'd come.

'TPSU? The Psychic Study Unit. You really are serious about this? Last time, one suffered from temporary insanity, because you couldn't help her and her two brothers.  One brother died because of his curse. Her other brother was dying, his curse was so painful. She murdered people, just to feed her curse, to stop it from killing her. She made her brother do the same; she couldn't bear to lose him too. Don't you remember? You filed all different stuff, but when I found it, all you could think about was the three siblings. I saw it through your eyes! Watching as Mr Crowlman--'

'Ruby. Mr Crowlman doesn't own the Institute anymore. I do. The other ten people were told about the study unit, but you already know.' Her thoughts were pure, un-chipped, so what she said must be the truth. Just then Lewis' car turned the corner and Audrey stared.

'Joyleigh! What... What are you doing here? Ruby?' Her face went blank, images and feeling filling her head. The Institute. Me. Aubrey. Joy. And others, people I hadn't seen since TPSU1 where they had gotten a letter to meet Mr Crowlman. The Looney. Henry. Bobbi. Nathan. Hallie. Jaylean. Kyle. Dugo. Cyrus. Cassi. Pain. Death. Longing. Betrayal. Love. Passion. Hope. She snapped out of it just in time to stop herself from falling. 'Ruby!' I grabbed her and pulled her close, feeling her body relax and her shaking to cease. I kept repeating the same words over and over, useless, empty words she once longed for me to say.

'I'm right here Audrey, It's gonna be okay. Shh. Audrey, we're going to the Institute, to try and stable our... powers. Come on Audrey, we can go, right after we've packed and said goodbye to people.' She leaned deeper into me, while I stared over her head to Joyleigh.

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