Day 2 • Question

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"You..." Arthit growled through the phone while his eyes turned to narrow slits.

"Ehhh..." his sister cleared her throat.

"You are on vacation with Bright, aren't you? Bright isn't to Germany to visit his family at all, is he?"

"Shit. You found out."

"Yeah. Yeah, I found out, you 2 bitches! How can you 2 go on a vacation, while you let me go through all of this?! Are you people crazy?!"


"Where is that bastard, anyway?! Bright? Bright?!"

"I'll put you on speaker,"  Arthisia said.

"Hey...buddy..." Bright said carefully.

"Don't buddy me, you asswipe!"

"I'm sorry, we wanted to tell you, but we were afraid you might not take it so well," Arthisia explained.

"And you think I took it better this way?" Arthit asked, frustrated.

"Well... You weren't supposed to find out like this. My bitches told you, didn't they?"

Arthit was beyond pissed. He just returned home and his feet hurt so much that he almost wanted to chop them off. He had 8 blisters and 200% more respect for women. Except for Arthisia. Her level of respect was -1

He had soup in his wig, ball-itch all day long cause he couldn't shamefully adjust his package when he wanted to, and he craved to shove a few chopsticks in his ears to clean out the news he had heard today.

"Yeah, last time Arthisia said that Bright liked to fully deepthroat her."

A shiver ran down his spine when he thought back about May's words.

"Low of you to call them bitches, Arthisia. Cause you know? You're the only bitch here!  Look at what you did to your poor brother. My feet hurt, I need to wipe away all this makeup shit off my face, which probably gives me enormous zits, and on top of that, today Kongpob told me he is gay!"

"Kongpob is gay?!!!"  She screeched through the phone. "Well, uh, that's great news, right? Oh my God, I can't believe it! You aren't shitting me, are you?"

"No, of course I'm not shitting you. And yes, I thought it was great news too until he told me he was going on a blind date tonight with another man!"

"Kongpob is that crush of his, right, honey?" Bright asked in the background.

"Yes, papa bear."

" that's why he's in such a bad mood,"  Bright let out.


What the fuck?! Arthit had to swallow back some vomit. Papa bear?

"Shhhh...Let me handle this." Arthisia whispered. "Brother, I understand you are angry with me, and the way I handled it wasn't the best. I'm sorry. But Bright and I are in love. Please, what can we do to make this right?"

Arthit knew Arthisia was having puppy eyes right now, something he could never resist and stay mad at her.

He rolled his eyes.

"I want 4 times your salary instead of double and Bright's motorcycle."

"What?! No way." Bright yelled.

"Ok, 4 times my salary and you will get his bike." his sister agreed.

"But-" Bright whined.

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