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H. S. St. Ours

Water Worlds Apocapunk Sci-Fi Adventure - Special Wattpad Edition

Copyright 2012 H. S. St. Ours. All worldwide rights reserved.

I hope you enjoy this special Wattpad edition of Sami, Book 2 in the science fiction adventure series Water Worlds.

Book 1 - Young Moon

Book 2 - Sami

Book 3 - Simma

Book 4 - Gen

Book 5 - Meeza (Fall 2016)

Book 6 - Kaio (Spring 2017)

Book 7 - Brin (Fall 2017)

H.S. St.Ours lives and writes in Maryland. 

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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental.

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 For Brenna, who encouraged me to explore.