Attractive Much?

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Colin's POV

I wake up slowly, my mind feeling like day old gravy in my skull, and see Alba staring at me with open curiosity on her beautiful face.  I swallow and watch her eyes flicker as she studies me.  Her eyes catch mine and we watch each other, listening to the silent thrum in the others' head.

"Colin...?" Alba asks, her wide eyes searching my face for answers but not seeming to find any.

"Yes'm?" I reply and Alba smirks at me, but it fades.

"How come you never....never came tae see Crusher's?" Her voice cracks and I feel the pain in my own throat from the lump in hers.  I look Alba over slowly, all her scars and bruises and battle wounds.  How could I have added to that?

"Because I couldn't face it." I whisper and Alba frowns, her face twitching in confusion.  Jaysus...she's adorable.

"Couldn't face what?" Alba struggles to wrap her head around what I've just said and I laugh when I realise her nose twitches when she thinks.  "What?" She asks suspiciously, but her lips pulling up into a smile.

"You're just funny." I smirk at her and she sticks her tongue out childishly.  I want to kiss her...

"No I'm not!" Alba laughs and I shake my head, knowing there'll be no convincing her now she's made her mind up.

"Y'are." I mutter to myself, but her wolf picks it up and she flicks my nose.  My head jerks back, giving me that much desired double-chin look, and Alba giggles.

"Attractive much?" She rolls her eyes as I shake my head quickly so it feels right again.

"Always." I wink at her and Alba laughs.

Have a happy period...she thinks and then goes bright red when she realises I heard.  I roar with laughter, clutching at my side and laughing so hard I manage to fall off the couch.

"D'you think that every time someone says 'always'?" I gasp, my sides aching.  I think I've pulled something...

"Good!" Alba huffs and I snort, making my ribs ache even more.  Christ almighty, how can she not think she's funny?

"Ah now, don't be nasty!" I tease and Alba glowers at me, but I can see a smile creeping onto her lips.

"And no," She says forcefully.  "I don't think of it every time someone says 'always'!" She informs me and I nod, forcing myself not to die laughing here and now.

Have a happy period...I think to myself and Alba laughs with me, knowing that now I'll be the one who thinks of it next time they hear the word 'always'.

"Oh God Alba, what have you started!" I wipe a tear from my eye and see Alba's lip twitch.  I don't even have to search her mind, I know what she's about to say.  "Don't say your period." I choke, trying not to laugh again.  Alba bursts into a fit of laughter and ends up crumpling on the floor next to me.

We lean into each other as we laugh, and I'm not sure when the laughs stop coming from the joke and instead from the hysteria we've both had brewing over the past few days at the thought of Jack...Crusher...finding us.

After a few minutes of hysterical - definitely hysterical - laughter, we've calmed down and I have my back against the couch whilst Alba has her head in my lap, her eyes misting over slightly.

"Come on McGrath." I wince as she uses my last name like Jack did and she notices, making a mental note of it.  "Why didn't yeh visit meh when a was all tied up?  No' like a was goin' anywhere." She adds miserably and I hook my finger under her chin, forcing her to make eye contact with me.

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