Chapter 48: Clove

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I 'wake up' from my day-dreams to soft knocking on the door. I walk to the door and open it to see the highest ranking peace-keeper, the Commandant standing there. I look at him nervously and he grabs my arm, surprisingly softly. He leads me down the stairs and I struggle the whole way.

"Let go of me! Help!" I yell angrily as we get outside. "Please! I'll do anything you want? Just don't kill me. I know I wasn't supposed to leave the bed, I'm sorry. Please, let me go" I yell, as desperately as I can. He picks me up bridal style and walks quickly to the woods "What are you doing? Please, don't rape me in the woods!" I yell assuming that's what he'll do. He walks with me in his arms until we get to the little hotel I stayed with Cato last night. He sets me down and still holds my arm as he leads me upstairs. He opens the door to the exact room Cato and I stayed last night and I freak out.

"Clove, calm down" the man says calmly and he closes the door behind us "It's me Cato" he says pulling off the mask.

I yell loudly and hug him tightly, finally able to cry. He smiles down at me and we sit on the bed. "I thought I would never see you again" I hold him ,tightly and won't let go "How did you get the uniform? Where the real Commandant?" I ask curiously and he chuckles lightly.

"I kind of killed him and there was a little bit of time, when I was stealing his clothes, that we were both half naked" Cato says awkwardly and I laugh.

"That doesn't even compare to what I-" I stop myself quickly for both of our sakes. He looks into my eyes obviously concerned and I laugh it off.

"What did they do to you?" Cato asks sadly and I shake my head "Clove, please tell me" he says, now deseperate. I look down, disappointed and heave in a shaky breath. 

"They took me while we were doing the propos. They tried to rape me and then I almost got away but they caught me again" I look up to him sadly and he smiles encouragingly "they told me I had 2 choices, burn or do things to them" I feel tears run down my cheeks. He holds me close and I shutter accidentally. I lay down with Cato still latched to me and shift closer to his warm body.

"Clove I feel horrible" Cato says quietly "I should have stayed with you." I look up to him and smile sadly.

"They had guns. I don't want you to get shot for me" I say reassuringly "I think it's better you didn't come" I look down sadly and he lays his head in the crook of my neck. I lay there still shaking and remember Johanna.

"I have to go back there" I say quietly and Cato looks down at me confused "Johanna's still there" he nods and tells me he's coming with me. 

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