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What if you wake up really tired, get ready for someplace you don't want to go to, see your only friends for a little bit, then be in the same room as two of your friends. Then be able to see your best friend in the next room while having to sit at the same table as your worst enemy, the most innapropriate person in the room. Then you're next to the same person and across the roon from your best friend. Then, you get to eat by your only friends. Then, you're in the same room as those two friends again. Then, you go to a room you don't want to go to, but turns out fun, and you get to sit next to your best friend. Then, you go up horrible stairs to sit next to the same friend again, then you go to the fun room with older friends.
After that, you go home and watch YouTube until food to help with all of the sadness that innapropriate person has caused you. Then, you do work you got from the rooms, then go to "sleep". Snuggled up in your bed, you update Wattpad and text/roleplay with your best friend until you fall asleep and it starts over again?

Because that's me every day.

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