Seeley’s Pov.

As I walked around checking to make sure, we had all the equipment.

I couldn’t help but smile when I remember a speechless Nate.

I thought I look like the construction guy from the village people.

However, his deep blue eyes told me different.

‘’You know, if you don’t stop that dreamy look people is going to ask if you got laid last night’’. My dad murmur and I roll my eyes.

Sometimes, I missed my serious never joke dad.

But ever since him and Kevin made up and became daddy and baby son, dad has been impossible.

‘’Old man, why are you not home drinking Viagra?’’ I question not looking at him but at the position, I was supposed to fill.

‘’It worries me, how you know about Viagra and I haven’t a clue how those things even look’’. He chided with amusement.

I snap my head up to meet his eyes and I glared at him.

‘’Shouldn’t you be doing something, other than bugging me?’’ I snap and he snorts.

‘’So, what was wrong between you and Brandon, last night?’’ He asks what he really wanted to ask me.

‘’Not much, just silly stuff’’. I shrug as if it was no big deal, when in reality I was scared he might let slip what he found out, just as I did yesterday.

‘’I see, does it have to do with Nate?’’ He asks and I look at him with my eyes wide open.

‘’What do you mean, what does Nate have to do in any of this, he’s just the nanny’’. I grumble and my dad snorts once again.

‘’Yes and I fucked a donkey’’. I made a face, disturbing images of dad behind a donkey.

Ewe. Nope, this cannot be happening.

‘’Dad, please stop you’re traumatizing me and I’m a thirty year old, father of two’’. I chided and he laughs.

‘’I know how old and how many kids you have son and that’s why, I’m about to say this’’. He smiles at me while pointing to a bench and gestures me to sit down.

I sat down and waited for him to say something.

‘’Seeley, you deserve to be happy, you deserve a second chance at love’’. He says and I open my mouth to say something but he shushes me.

‘’Don’t let Elizabeth ruin what you could have with someone else, maybe you two weren’t meant to be for the simple reason that the one you were meant to be with wasn’t ready yet’’. I try to make sense of what he was saying but fail.

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