Love, Hate Relationship (Jingwu)

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Siyang: Age 20
Y/n: Age 19


"Siyang! Come on! We're going to be late for the tennis match against Xing Yao!" I yelled as I grabbed a hold of my older brother's arm.

"Okay, hold on. Stop rushing me," Siyang told me as we started to make our way towards our match.

I sat on the bench on our side and waited for my match with Jingwu.

Jingwu and I met not too long ago at a restaurant. I sat at his table since he looked like he was frustrated or something so I sat at his table and we just started talking.

Ever since I met Jingwu, I had a feeling that he had a slight crush on him and not gonna lie... I had one too. 

When I heard that I was going against Jingwu at our next tennis match, I was shocked and surprised because he told me that he played tennis but he didn't tell me that he was on the Xing Yao tennis team.

Sooner or later, it was now our match. I grabbed my racket from my bag and was about to go to the court when Siyang stops me.

"I want you to be careful with him. Who knows what kind of tricks he has up his sleeves," Siyang tells me as we both take a glance at Jingwu who was walking to the court.

"Don't worry. I'm not nervous or anything," I told him with a smile as I walked to my side of the court, racket in hand.

"Y/n. I never expected to go against you. I was hoping that I would go against your brother," Jingwu yelled from across the court as he glanced at Siyang.

"Why? What's wrong? Afraid that you'll lose by a girl?" I smirked, already knowing that Qiao Chen was laughing quietly.

"You wish," He said back with a smirk as he got ready to play and I did the same.

The match started and turns out, I was winning by one point so I glance at Jingwu to see that he's starting to sweat.

"What's wrong? Already sweating?" I smirked, resting my racket on my shoulder.

Jingwu didn't say anything and got in a stance, indicating that he's ready for the next match.

The next match, my right arm begins to ache in pain but I ignore it and continue to play.

"6-6. One more round," The referee says as I start to notice my arm is aching with more pain. I secretly held my elbow in pain as the next match starts.

Jingwu starts off with a serve which I easily hit it back but when. I hit it back, Jingwu hits it back even harder.

I ran to the point where the ball was going and swung my racket to hit it.

When the ball hit the racket, I let go of my racket and held my elbow in pain, grunting in the process.

"Y/n!" Siyang yells out as he stands, along with the other members.

"I'm fine!" I yell out as I look behind me to see that my racket was leaning on the fence behind me and the ball was sitting just inside the line.


"6-7. Xing Yao High School wins," The referee says as I see Siyang run up to me and looks at my elbow, before grabbing as I yell out in pain.

I glance at Jingwu to see him looking at me with sympathy as I held my elbow.

"Coach. I'm going to bring her to the hospital." Siyang says as the coach agrees, making Siyang escort me to the hospital.

Siyang: Age 25
Y/n: Age 24

I just got back from hanging out with Jingwu since we were just hanging out as friends.

We were now at the competition, Siyang getting ready to go against Jingwu.

After the match, Qiao Chen runs up to me.

"Y/n!" He yells out as he runs up to me, earning everyone's attention.

"What is it?" I ask Qiao Chen, stopping from my practice with Siyang.

"Is it true that you like Jingwu from the Xing Yao Tennis Club?" He asks, making me glance at Jingwu who smirks.

I glance at Siyang to see him looking at me with his poker face.

"What? No," I said, scoffing.

"Are you sure because Liangliang said that you told him that you like Jingwu," He said as he points to the other team.

I then glare at Liangliang who just cowers back with a nervous smile.

"So what? Is it true?" Qiao Chen asks as I glance at Jingwu who was looking at me with a questionable look.

"Y/n. If you like Jingwu, just say it. I don't mind," Siyang says with a small smile.

"I... Huh... Yes, I like Jingwu," I said, glancing down at the ground only for a few seconds.

Just as I was about to look up, I feel a pair of lips on mine.

I then realize that Jingwu was kissing me. He had one of his hand on my cheek and the other one around my waist, bringing me closer.


I heard familiar voices yell out as Jingwu is pulled apart from me.

"You can't just kiss her like that!" Jiale exclaims, putting his arm in front of me protectively.

I then catch Jingwu laughing at their overprotectiveness over me.

'Did he just laugh?'

"Don't worry. That's only the first kiss," He said with a smirk.

"First? There's gonna be more?" Qiao Chen exclaimed as him and Jiale were now wrapping their arms around me, protectively as I roll my eyes in annoyance.

"Guys. Calm down. It's fine. Besides, can we all eat together at Xinglong's restaurant? I'm kind of hungry," I point out as Siyang agrees.

"We should invite Jingwu and the team. Do you want to come?" Siyang asked as Jingwu nods.

"Good. Last one there pays for all of us!" I yell out as I grab Jingwu's hand and start to race then there.

"That's not fair!" I hear one of the Xing Yao members yell out.

"Yah! Let go of each other's hands!" I hear Jiale and Qiao Chen exclaim as I shake my head.

Now, we were all racing to Xinglong's restaurant and turns out... Lu Xia and Qiao Chen ends up paying for the meal.

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