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[★ Warning ★ You have assimilated with Grid in the Book of Epics and shared his memories and feelings. You need to be careful because you are psychologically feeling a great amount of anxiety and pain.]

[You are in extreme confusion.]

[The system is checking your brain waves and pulse. If it is determined to be dangerous, Magic Swordsman Grid's Book of Epics will be sealed.]


"Not after all these epics, I will NOT fail on the last possible epic!"

[You are free from the confusion.]

[Your vitals have returned to normal. The final epic of Grid's human legacy is unfolding.]

[Do you want to continue?]

"Of course I will...!"

[The Overgeared King is writing the 20th epic.]

". .mgn"

One of the strongest beings of Satisfy, the unraidable boss, is the the Dragons. 

No one in their right mind would ever try to raid them, between their immense magical power, overwhelming physical power, or their famous absolute defense, it makes them woefully unraidable.

One of those very beings have appeared in my field of view.

It was the Evil Dragon, Bunhelier, known for spawning the dragonoid race as an experiment and tormenting Nefelina's Father, Nevartan.

Grid was fighting that same dragon, and it wasn't looking good.

[While adventuring, the Overgeared King stumbled upon an egg.]


 As Bunhelier turns around and smacks his tail against my stomach, I get launched in the direction it hit me at.

[Upon recovering it, he made sure it was taken care of.]

As quickly as Bunhelier sent me flying, I quickly recover and use 'Shunpo' to get back to Bunhelier.

"Grid's Swordsmanship"


[He knew the identity of the egg.]

While there was distance between him and Bunheilier despite using 'Shunpo', he was instantly behind Bunhelier, piercing the scales on his back and making the dragon cry out in pain. The dragon released a burst of mana around his body and interrupted Grid's attempt to start another sword dance.

[The being hatched, and was kept from the world.]

For a second, a memory of a small dragon flashes through my eyes. Despite looking like a small girl, I knew it was a dragon. It had beauty that transcends humans, similar to the Vampire's enhanced beauty. 

[The newly hatched absolute being accepted help from the King.]

"..Open Potential"

[Grid's Swordsmanship is now level 5.]

"Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle Dragon!" 


Grid instantly went from floating mid-air to once again on the back on Bunhelier, and pierced the scaleless section that I previously pierced with 'Dragon'.

He feels Bunhelier weaken and notices the large decrease of the absolute being's health bar, and lets out a breath of relief despite being near-death himself.

[She was still growing.]

That moment of relaxation was a mistake, and one he realized that as soon as he saw Bunhelier move. The last segment of Grid's health was instantly deleted.

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