Prom Night Mishap (1)

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No offense, but I just see this prom night as a complete waste of time & money.

Like instead of spending the rest of the school year to prepare for the final exams and for college, we were kind of forced to spend our after school rendezvous & PE classes to practice ballroom dancing routines for those freaky intermission numbers, and then get fussy about our appearances to make sure that we'd be at our best to fit in the gowns of our choice instead of completing the remaining requirements to be able to graduate.

But here I am, wasting my time here whilst struggling in the tight-fitted gown that my older sis forced me to wear, and watching my classmates go crazy on the dance floor as if they're going to die the next day.

Great. Just great.

I suddenly remembered my friends raising their eyebrows at me when I told them that I am not going to prom night. They scolded me, saying that I should treasure the moment while it lasts, and that I should make more valuable, happy memories than holing myself in our home library (which I would rather prefer). My parents told me the same thing too, adding the fact that I study too much. The feeling of frustration was reeling in my system even up to this point.

I have been spending the entire year with them, and it's a blast being with them because they make me forget the stress and the pressure in pursuing my chosen career. We have already shared lots of valuable memories that I'll treasure for the rest of my life, and that's enough for me.

I thought they'd respect that and not let me go to the prom night, BUT NO! My mom secretly paid for the fee, my gown, hair & make-up, shoes & accessories. She even threatened me that she'll forbid me from using the home library if I say another word against going to prom! I had no other choice but to comply.

Frustrations aside, the main program, including the intermission numbers, went smoothly. Special awardees were announced, and the prom king & queen was crowned without a hitch. I was the only one who wasn't clapping enthusiastically, hoping that everyone gets the message.

My friends went out of the dance floor and approached my table. One of them, whom we call Ellie, was limping on one foot.

"Took you guys long enough. What happened to you, Ellie?" I had to ask.

"It was Jerry's fault!" Ellie exclaimed angrily. "He stepped on my foot while he was doing that shuffling shit. That bastard. Once I see a blood clot on my toenail, I will fucking step on his face!"

"You won't do that," Aya responded in a slightly sarcastic manner.

"Oh, yes, I will," Ellie replied. "Anyway, let's take a break. It's getting hot in there."

"Speaking of hot," Kris butted in. "Andie, how was your sweet, slow dance with Vince?"

Andie, one of our friends, has been crushing on Vince, the taekwondo varsity member, ever since she has transferred in our school. The guy has been super nice to her, but then he was just nice to everyone. Nothing special. Just a few moments ago, before the music was switched to an upbeat vibe, the girls literally asked him if he's going to dance with Andie or not. Of course, being the nice guy that he is, he asked Andie to dance with him.

Andie flustered upon remembering that moment. "His facial expressions looked forced! You shouldn't have convinced him to dance with me."

"He didn't look like he was forced," Kris remarked. "He was just being himself."

"But still!" Andie complained even more. "He could've danced more with his female friends than spend 3 minutes dancing with a mere classmate like me!"

"You know, you should stop with the 'a mere classmate like me' bullshit. Either way, we wanted you to have your moment with him since you've liked him for longer than we were aware of it," Shannon says as she appeared with 2 large pitchers of iced tea. The girls quickly took their glasses and filled it with the beverage.

We enjoyed the cold, refreshing beverage as we watch our classmates dance like escaped mental hospital patients. We laughed at the ones who looked worse, and cheered for the ones who danced quite well - including the teachers who went to the dance floor when their favorite 80's hit was played. Everyone was having fun to say the least. I also found myself smiling more often, even though I still think that I shouldn't waste my time on this.

"I'm still glad you came, Cara, the night wouldn't be complete without you," Yasmeena said with a big smile on her face. Among the girls, she is the most enthusiastic. She had this positive aura that makes everyone feel good vibes. "We thought you're gonna bail on us once the main program is over."

"Like hell I would abandon you guys here," I replied with a flustered expression on my face. "You said I should treasure the moment while it lasts, so here I am. "

"You're such a tsundere, you know that, Cara?" Aya teased. Everyone suddenly stood up and went in for a bone-crushing group hug. "We understand that you want to stay at home, study, and be able to graduate with flying colors, but we also think that you should relax even more. Everyone is worried about you, you know. Besides, this would probably be your last opportunity to take a break from studying because we all know how much of a workaholic you are. We'll all be in college before we know it, and we probably won't be able hang out as much as we do in high school. So why not take this chance to have fun with everyone? Like you know, dance and go crazy?"

I just nodded. I couldn't complain nor make a rebuttal to that because she has a point. When they broke the hug, they suddenly dragged me out of my seat, went to the dance floor, and danced for about 30 minutes. We found ourselves having fun even more, and it's because we were with the ones we love and care about the most.

We have just got back to the table when the DJ suddenly switched the mood into a romantic one, along with the announcement that prom night will end soon. Our male classmates started finding partners to dance with, and those who were tired of dancing also went back to their tables to refuel.

Andie, Yasmeena & Kris went to the dessert bar to get cupcakes for all of us, while Ellie, Aya & Shannon went back dancing with their suitors. I was the only one left sitting at our designated table as I scrolled through the recently taken photos on my phone.

"We sure took a lot of blurred photos since we were partying too hard," I muttered. It was a good thing that we took some videos of ourselves, and heck, we danced like psychos. When everyone came back, I showed them the clips. We laughed too hard as we watched them over and over again.

I can't say that this is the best night ever, but I'll admit that this is a moment that I would probably never forget.

"Hey Ray, aren't you going to dance with Yasmeena?" our ears suddenly perked up when we heard the name. Our attention has shifted to the conversation behind us. I noticed Yasmeena breathing deeply as she anticipated for the response.

And when we did, our moods quickly went down like the Titanic.

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