Break Up, Make Up ~ Zayn

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I ran into my apartment and slammed the door behind me, then curled up in a ball on my couch. Me and my boyfriend of two years, Zayn Malik, had just gotten into huge fight. I think it might be over for us. That only made me cry harder.

As soon as that thought entered my mind, I heard my front door open and close softly. I didn't even want to look up, I already knew who he was. But he did something I hadn't expected; he picked me up. He softly started to sing Little Things by One Direction as he carried me to my bedroom.

He continued to sing as he layed me down on my bed and kiss my neck. I stopped crying and slipped his shirt off so I could trace his tattoos with my fingers. He used his thumb to wipe my leftover tears away and slipped my shirt off. Once he was finished singing Little Things, he started to sing A Drop In The Ocean by Ron Pope.

Before I knew it, all our clothes off and he stopped singing. He slowly placed his member at my entrance then placed it inside me. He then leaned down and whispered softly, "Babe, I'm so sorry. Tonight is all about you. Your wish is my command." With that, he started to move. I moaned and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Oh Zayn.. Faster." Was all I could make out. He nodded quickly and began to move even faster. We started to gently kiss, when I realized something. We weren't just having sex, no, we were making love.

We soon reached our climaxes and layed down next to me. We continued to kiss but we eventually fell asleep in each other's arms. "I love you, (Y/N)" I heard him say. I smiled softly and replyed, "I love you too."