100% Perfect Ch.14

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100% Perfect Ch.14

**Bailey’s POV

            Let’s just say chloroform is not the most peaceful way to fall asleep. I thrashed around in the black mesh bag, my arms and legs tied separately.  The gash on my arm stung badly. I wasn’t quite sure if blood was still running from it or not.

“Wooh! How much do you think we’re going to get paid?” One of the guys in the van shouted, driving erratically since I kept hitting the walls. Gordon and Mom were duct taped in the same way as I was, except that they obviously weren’t in bags.

“Who cares man? These people are all over the news! We’ll be famous!” Another guy shouted.

“Famous equals money!” Both of the guys laughed. Apparently this was some big joke to them.

“Wasn’t there a fourth one?” One of the guys said.

“Nah. Even if there was it wouldn’t be as strong as the little one.” Replied the other one. The radio started blaring some stupid rock song, and the guys started to sing.

“Shut up.” I said telepathically.

“Whoa man what was that?” One of the men said. I had a feeling they looked at each other.

“I don’t know dude. Pull over.” The car stopped moving altogether. The bag of the van opened and light flooded in. The door suddenly shut again. One of the guys walked around and unzipped my bag.

“Was that you?” The guy said. I pretended to be scared, and then shook my head no. Then I mentally laughed. Both of the men jumped and looked around. Mom and Gordon caught onto my plan, acting there best to feel freaked out.

“Poppy. Please, please come.” I thought, willing my message to get to her. The men did not hear this. Apparently I do private messaging. Yay! I gulped. Both men got out of the van, then drove as fast as they could, away from whoever was screaming messages at them. They were obviously too stupid to know it was I.

*****Three hours later

            I sat in a cheap, makeshift cage in the basement of wherever I was. Gordon sat in the corner, messing with his phone. Not like it’d be useful. Mom paced back and forth. I picked at my nails.

“Sis. I’m coming.” I heard a voice say. It was Poppy’s, and no one else seemed to hear.

“Love you.” I said back, shutting my eyes. One of the guys, whom I later found out was named Paul, came down the stairs with what looked to be a fourteen-year-old boy. And he was cute.

“-And the girl will be your birthday present ‘lil bro.” Paul said. The boy looked at me quizzically.

“Uh…is she like…a robot?” He asked.

“No man. 100% real. 100% perfect.” Paul answered. I bit my lip. Yeah. Awkward situation to be crushing on a boy. He has shaggy blond hair and green eyes. Much like Ben.

“BAILEY! Stop making googoo eyes!” I heard Poppy say painstakingly loud. Right. She can hear my thoughts. I blocked any further messages, focusing on reading the boy’s mind.

“I swear he’s gone nuts this time….” He said silently, eyes rolling.

“You kidnapped them? What are the other two for?” The boy asked.

“John, stop asking questions. I’m basically giving you a girlfriend!” Paul said.

“Dude! Kidnapping is NOT the way to go!” John argued back.

“Yeah? Well it’s this or sell ‘em for big bucks.” Paul said.

“Fine. Then I’ll keep them.” John said, mentally assuming Paul was a whack job and planning a way to get us out of here. Apparently he didn’t like Paulie either.  The other kidnapper, Kent, walked down the stairs to the basement.

            “Is he gonna take them or do we get to be famous?” Kent said. Was that all they cared about? Why don’t they just bribe the Government for a few million and leave it at that? Oh. Right. They’d most likely send CIA agents to kill them.

“He’s gonna take them I guess. Man I really wanted to be rich.” Paul said.

“No worries dude. We’ll find another way.” Kent replied. With that he came over with the key and unlocked the cage.

            I stood there awkwardly, mom by my side. Gordon got up and walked over to us.

“Well? Are you guys going to leave or not?” Paul said. John was standing awkwardly to, not knowing what to make of the situation. Then again, how often do you kidnap a genetically enhanced teenager who can read minds? Not very. Gordon walked out of the cage first, followed by Mom and I.

“Uh… Follow me….I guess?” John said.

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