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Please take note that this fan fiction is purely written out of my imagination. No scene in this story happened in real life. Thank you! Enjoy the story!


Growing up with two big brothers who are both basketball players and a father who used to play professional basketball during his younger years, Veronica Tiu learned to love the game and mastered it by heart. Basketball, however is a game deeply discouraged to her by her mom who is a doctor.

Veronica or Via, as she is fondly called by her family and friends was born with a serious heart condition. She started having a series of major heart surgeries when she was only five years old. Along with her heart condition, Via also suffers from a weak set of lungs and a usual low hemoglobin count. Via has then recovered from her illnesses but is still closely monitored by Dra. Susan Teng, who happens to be the best friend of Via’s mom.

Via grew up to be a sweet and loving daughter to her parents, James and Denise. Via also developed a very close bond with her Ahia (eldest brother) Chris and Dihia (second older brother) Nico who are both playing for the Ateneo Blue Eagles.

Via is also known for her very warm personality. She is an active volunteer of many organizations and a vigorous leader of clubs and a part of Sanggunian, Ateneo de Manila’s student council.

Besides her warm personality, Via is also popular to the opposite gender, much to the dismay of her big brothers (they have to scare off countless of suitors). At 17 years old, Via stands at 5’8”, with a slender body and very fair complexion. Via is also blessed with a great mind, a proof of it? She graduated valedictorian in both grade school and high school at Immaculate Conception Academy - Greenhills, an all-girls Chinese school.

Via is now taking up Health Sciences in Ateneo de Manila University as her pre-med course. She hopes to fill in and follow the footsteps of her mom in the field of medicine.

Aside from being interested in family matters, friends, books, basketball, studies, medicine, and serving others, there’s only one other thing that Via is completely passionate about: Jeron Teng.

Jeron Teng, the season’s most sought after rookie of the Ateneo Blue Eagles.

Jeron is the son of the former PBA legend, Alvin Teng who broke records in PBA along with his teammate and best friend, James Tiu. Jeron, like his older brother, Jeric took interest in basketball at a very early age.

He played alongside his brother all through his grade school and high school life at Xavier School, an all-boys Chinese school. The two however took different paths when they entered college. Jeric chose to be a Growling Tiger while Jeron decided to become a part of the Blue Eagles.

Jeron is also very close with her elder sisters, Alyssa and Almira and his cousin, Rachel who is playing her last year for the FEU Women’s Volleyball Team.

Jeron, despite being a good son to both his parents, broke his mom’s heart when he opted to enroll in the Honors Program of ADMU's BS Management instead of choosing a pre-med course to become a doctor just like his mom. He was, however supported by his family in this big leap of faith.

Standing at a towering height of 6’2”, Jeron is also blessed with a muscular frame, handsome face and brains to match. Jeron manages to remain humble despite everything he has and the status he managed to achieve overtime.

Jeron is also known for his hard work both inside and outside the court. He gives his 101% to anything he is fervent about. Jeron is very passionate to his family, friends, his studies, and basketball.

Despite being known for his diligence and patience, there’s only one thing he can’t hide his annoyance about: Via Tiu.


Please do take note that there are major changes in this story. Nico Tiu in this story is Nico Salva in real life.

Also take note that Jeron Teng is NOT part of the Green Archers in this story. He is playing for the Ateneo Blue eagles in this story. 

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