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sometimes i just wanna cave and i dont wanna fight

third person

milo and vinnie had been going strong for another week. it now past a month of them dating and they were pretty strong and trustworthy to eachother.

"babyyy" vinnie whined as the small girl got out of his grip.
"were always cuddling and i will NOT give you another opportunity to take a picture of me sleeping again"
"but your cute"
"yes you are baby"

he got up and pressed their lips together as she melted into his touch. his softly leaned her onto the bed as he stayed close to her. before anything else, a knock was heard on vinnie's door. he opened it to see joseph.

they talked about something quickly before he closed the door and laid next to her.

"he ruined it" he said as she laughed.

he propped himself up so he sat against the headboard as she laid in the same spot as she was before. once she was asleep, he went to take a shower and of course made a tiktok after. the fans in the comments were going crazy.


fan: please dont break milo 🥺

fan: shes so tiny. dont kill her please

fan: BIG BOY

fan: omg 😳

fan: well, we know hes not small

fan: be careful with milo

fan: dont snap her in half please

fan: i pray for milo 🙏

fan: thats gonna hurt

they were all speaking of his.. problem from earlier. to just blurt it out, he had a boner. it was moments before joseph opened the door, they were going into something. now everyone had seen it.

vinnie set his phone down and picked milo up. he sat against the headboard and laid he down so her head was in his lap.

like usual, he made a tiktok showed the milo. before he posted it, he watched it and smiled at the sleeping girl.

fan: was this after sex 😳

fan: you broke her vincent

fan: shes so cute when she sleeps
vhackerr: ikr 🥺

fan: hes a simp
vhackerr: only for her

fan: i feel like he deserves more

fan: shes so pretty

fan: so are we gonna talk about the hollywood fix video 😳
fan: OMG YES people are saying he cheated
fan: i wouldnt be surprised
fan: exactly. he kinda seems like a player
fan: hes probably just using her

fan: cuties

fan: shes living all of our dreams 😔

fan: you guys are so cute together

fan: hottest couple ever

vinnie read the comments before making a video for tiktok.

"hey so i just wanted to come on and address some things. so yes, i was at saddle ranch with the boys and 2 girls but no, we didnt do anything. once dinner was over, i went to my house to grab anthony. i drove us over to the girls house, as in amelie, avani and milo, and we slept over there. i walked into the house with jordan, j and no one else after dinner when i picked up anthony. the girls were anna and emily so no we didnt do anything besides go out to eat like a group of tiktokers" vinnie said before ending the video.

he looked down to his lap as milo slept before leaning down to press a kiss to her head.

"i love you" he whispered to the sleeping girl.
"i love you too" she said before turning slightly then falling back asleep.

vinnie's cheeks turned a faint read as he pulled the blanket over her and smiled.

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