Chapter 2

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"The handler is alive." I tell him as we're driving home. Not believing me, he shakes his head.

"It was a movie and actors were dressed up." He says, making me scoff.

I turn my head so I can look outside through the window next to me. It's already dark outside and usually when I watch Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban, I'm deadly afraid to be in the dark.

But now I'm not afraid because of a movie. Now I'm afraid because the handler is alive.

"If you really saw the handler.. then why do you think that this wasn't a version of her from when she was still alive that time traveled just to be in that stupid movie?" He asks, making me roll my eyes.

Even if he keeps calling the movie stupid and ridiculous, I know that he secretly liked it. I could tell by the way his eyes almost never left the screen except to look at me.

"Because the handler wouldn't just randomly be in a movie. Everything she does has a reason. She's incredibly smart and planning! She was in this movie for a reason." I tell him as I start to get annoyed that he isn't believing a word of what I'm saying.

"And what is that reason?" he asks me with a serious expression upon his face.

He cannot be serious. What is the reason? Is he really asking that? Isn't it obvious enough?!

"She was in that movie to tell me that she is still alive." I tell him, certain of what I'm saying.

A chuckle leaves his mouth when he hears my explanation, telling me that he doesn't believe me again.

"We killed her six years ago y/n. It just isn't possible. I thought we would never talk about the past anymore?" he sighs, making clear to me that he's getting annoyed.

Yes, we have said that we wouldn't talk about our pasts anymore. Nothing. It was for the better. But now I have to. I'm certain that it was the handler. I won't forget how she looked and I most certainly won't switch her with an actor.

She's my last kill, at least that's what I've told myself. Killing her has changed me forever. She cared for me and I for her and that's what makes it hard till this day.. Probably my whole life.

There's a chance that i'm finally going mad. That my past finally caught up with me and succeeded to prove me that it isn't possible to forget a past or to pretend like nothing ever happened.

Because that's what Five and I have been doing. We've been pretending that we have normal lifes.

But we don't. We have fucking superpowers and pasts with horrifying events that changed us and made us the persons that we are today.

When Five and I arrive at our apartment, Five suggests to order pizza for the both of us but I decline the offer.

"I'm not feeling well. It's rest that I need." I tell him and it doesn't take long until a worried expression takes over his face.

"Are you feverish? Are you okay?" he asks as he immediately stands up from the couch to lay his hand on my forehead.

"I don't think that I've got a fever. It's just a headache." I force a smile upon my face, needing to be alone to think.

Five's face comes closer and gives me a soft kiss on my cheek. Now a true smile comes upon my face.

"I'll warm up some soup while you make yourself ready for bed." He tells me, warming my heart.

I don't have a headache at all but I don't doubt that I'll get one if I keep worrying about the handler.

But I know that she was the one that I saw. This was the first step of her plan. But why now? Why after six years of thinking that Five and I finally are safe from our pasts. And what is her next step of the plan?

I don't know but I should know. I should know so I can protect the people I love.

I quickly put on my sleep shirt and shorts to then walk to my side of the bed. I hate lying to Five but I needed time alone, just a few minutes, to process seeing the woman that I thought I had killed.

Her dead body in my hands haunted me for many years and sometimes I still get nightmares. But I wasn't the only one with nightmares from my past.

No, Five has them too and everytime he wakes up sweating and yelling, I soothe him just like he does with me. Our pasts are haunting us together.

"Here you go my love." The voice that succeeds to put a smile on my face every single time that I hear it says "Watch out.. it is warm!"

Five walks towards me with a cup of soup for my non existing headache.

"Thank you." I say as I take the cup in my hands with the smile still upon my lips.

"I'm sure that you're going to feel better after drinking Dave's soup. It's his famous chicken soup." Five says as he helps me to sit down onto our bed.

Every meal that Dave makes is 'Dave's famous meal' but every single meal deserves the title. His meals are indeed delicious. That's why Klaus convinced him to do something with his passion for cooking and he did.

Dave has a big restaurant where stars have come to eat from far away. We've got several meals of his frozen in our freezer for when we can't cook just like the soup that Five just gave me.

"I love you." Five whispers in my ear while I finish my cup.

"I love you too Five." I reply, meaning it.

"And about what you were talking about in the car.." He starts but I cut him off.

"Five you don't have to talk about it. It's fine." I try to shrug it off but he isn't having any of it.

"It isn't fine. If you want to talk about our pasts or the handler, you can with me. I know what we've said about it but I'm here for you just like you're here for me. We're here for each other. You can tell me everything that troubles you."

My smile widens and after placing the now empty cup, down I pull in to hug him. Before I know it, there are tears streaming down my face.

Tears that have been ready to stream down my cheeks for years. They're the tears that I always stopped from coming when I was troubled with my past.

"I'm just scared that this calm part of our lifes will end." I sob in the crook of his neck.

Five's arms sneak around me and he places himself next to me on our bed.

"I know. I am too. But if it does end, we will face it together. No getting split up." He tells me as he leans his forehead against mine.

"We will face it together." I repeat what he just said.

"Yes." He whispers in my ear "Always."


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