Chapter 1

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(Y/N)'s Pov.

I woke up by the sound of my mom telling me to get ready for the entrance exam that is happening today.

I quickly run past her and went straight to the bathroom taking a cold bath for all my nerves to wake up.

Once I was done I quickly put on my uniform and grabbed my school bag near my closet.

I run down the stairs to see my mom cooking and my dad reading the newspaper.

I made my way to the kitchen where mom was and I saw that she was making toast, an omelette, and miso soup.

I greeted my mom happily, "Good morning, Mom! Dad!"

"Good morning to you too, sweetie," my mom smiled at me.

"Ah! Good morning, (Y/N)! Ready for your entrance exam to become a hero?" My dad said and look my way, I nodded.

"Yup! Hope I'll get in!"

"Okay, enough of that! (Y/N) go eat, it's ready," my mom put the plate of omelette with a side of toast and the miso soup in front of me.


After I finish my breakfast I put on my shoes and said goodbye to my parents.

"Bye, Mom! Bye, Dad! Wish me luck!" I said turning on the knob of our house.

"Good luck!/ An don't get injured, Okay?" They said.

I giggled before going out. Once I was out a gust of wind flew past me, I shivered and went back inside.

"Oh? You're already back?" My mom said and looked at me.

"Oh no, I was just going to get my scarf! Be right back!" I said removing my shoes and going upstairs to my room.

When I came back, my neck was covered in a/n (f/c) scarf. All warm and cozy.


As I made my way to the huge building I can feel myself being anxious and nervous.

Oh no. What if I don't make it? Can I still be a hero? What if my quirk's not strong enough? Will I-

"(Y/N)! Hey! Wait up!" I was interrupted by my bestfriend/classmate, Denki.

"OH! Hi Denki!" I cheerfully wave.

He made it by my side breathing heavily, "Wow, you walk fast."

I giggled, "Your just too slow,"

"Uh-huh," as his cheeks turn to a bright pink color, I also noticed that he wasn't wearing something warm.

So, I removed my scarf and begun to wrap it around his neck.

"W-wait! W-wh-what are you doing?!" His face turned red this time.

I giggled once more, "It's pretty windy and cold out here, so I thought you were getting a bit cold," I smiled at him.

"Y-yeah, th-thanks." He looked at the side.


Me and Denki sat next to each other. Present Mic made an entrance which we answered in silence.

As everyone intensely listen, Denki who was annoying me, okay not the word, Denki who was trying to make me laugh was a fail for him.

I was silently giggling to myself when a boy with blue hair and glasses pointed to me. (Abort mission Rei is here, Abort! Abort!)

"And you two! Joking around is no way of trying for the entrance exam!"

I just shrugged as me and Denki completely ignored him.

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