A Ryall (Niall Horan and Rylie Walters) One Shot.

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**********Rylies POV**********

Niall was at the recording studio with the boys on a Friday night. So basically it's 7:00 and I have nothing to do. I decided to check Twitter, even though Niall warned me not to. I braced myself for the worst.

I scrolled through my mentions, my tears threatening to fall from my eyes. How could people be so mean? Ever since I started dating Niall, it's all started. The hate from his fans has nearly doubled, when he mentioned my diabetes.

@SammieLoves1D: @Rylie_Suzanne Why don't you go shoot up in an alley and make Niall single? It'll be a wonderful day for all of us? #RyallSucks

@HoransFirstWife: @Rylie_Suzanne Telling everyone you have diabetes huh? Attention seeking whore.

@niallsbbymomma: @Rylie_Suzanne Why don't you just go cut yourself and drown in your own blood? You'll be doing us a favor.

@ILoveNiall1D: Dear @Rylie_Suzanne Niall is and will always be mine. You don't deserve him. Eff you.

I couldn't take it anymore. I loved Niall to death and I couldn't bare to leave him. It was just all too much. He was bound to dump me anyways. I was to needy to be with him. I began to let the tears spill from my eyes. I ran to my room dropping my phone in the process. I laid on my bed and cried my eyes out. I cried and cried getting tears all over Nialls shirt. I looked in the mirror. From my curly brown hair down to the insulin pump resting on my blue Nike shorts. I hated diabetes. Hated it so much. I couldn't even give Niall children without the risk of our son or daughter getting diabetes. I can't do anything.

I heard the door open and a familiar Irish accent call my name. I ignored it. I could feel him walking upstairs and suddenly stop. Shit. He must've found my phone. I don't want him to see me crying. I quickly wiped away my tears and pretended to sleep. I heard him open the door to our room. He went over to me and kissed me on the cheek.

"Princess." He said. "I know you were crying, and I saw the tweets."

I kept on pretending to sleep while he spoke again. "And, I also know that you're not really sleeping."

Crap. I got caught. I opened my eyes and saw Niall. His dyed blonde hair showing his brown roots and his ocean blue eyes looking at me with worry. I got up and tried to talk, until I found myself crying again. He embraced me in a hug with his head in my shoulder and my head in his. I cried for who knows how long and he just sat there embracing me.

"Niall?" I finally asked. "Why are you still with me? It's obvious I'm not going to be able to give you healthy children. You always have to remind me of my blood pressure. I always have to go to the doctors. Why do you go through all that trouble, when you can have any girl in the world?"

Niall looked at me with pure love in his eyes. "Because I love you Rylie. Your my princess and there is nobody in the world that comes close to who you are. You are a strong beautiful woman and I am happy to call you my Princess. I love you so much Rylie and I don't want any other girl. I want you. I don't care if we have to go to the doctors every now and then. It's not a problem. And if we ever have children with diabetes, then hopefully they will be just as strong as their mother is."

I couldn't help the tears that fell from eyes. "I love you too, Niall." was all I could say after he smashed his lips onto mine. I kissed me back with such a passion. His tongue licked my bottom lip and I allowed him entrance. After what felt like forever we broke apart, foreheads sweating and both of us breathing hard.

"Now let's say we make this bed useful?" Niall winked.


The next morning I got up to make Niall breakfast before he had to go to the recording studio. I got up, put his shirt on along with my Nike shorts and headed downstairs. As I went downstairs I saw my iPhone lying on the floor. I picked it up and decided to write a new tweet.

@Rylie_Suzanne: Haters gonna hate, bitches gonna bitch and I'm gonna have sex suckers.

I set my phone down and began to cook Niall his favorite breakfast. About 5 minutes later my ringtone blared through my phone.

I quickly unlocked my phone and saw that I had a text message from Twitter. I couldn't hide the huge grin that spread across my face.

Niall had retweeted my tweet.


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