Kakashi's daughter, Sasuke's lover? What? Chapter 1

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I cried silently in front of the K.I.A stone in the training grounds, not stopping when I heard someone approaching. I figured there was no shame in crying over something, or someone, you loved dearly. The person stopped beside me, not saying anything for a few minutes. We both just stood, my sniffling even louder than the crickets.

 "You have family on this stone too?" I jumped a little when he spoke, not expecting the break in the silence. I looked up at the man beside me, who had what seemed to be snow white hair in the moonlight, similar to myself. Most of his face was covered by a blue mask, making it impossible to determine whether he was smiling or frowning. Only one

 "My brother is on here. My only family. He was all I had after mum and dad..." My  voice cracked, and I felt the tears return. As I felt the man put his hand on my head, ruffling my hair, I couldn't help but look up at him.

 "Both my parent's died when I was relatively young too." I sniffed and let my eyes return to the stone, scrolling through endless names of the deceased. 

 "So you're kind of like me?" A lump formed in my throat, and I quickly wiped at my eyes. The man didn't say anything at first, continuing to stare at the stone with me, until the silence was broken by his second question.

"You don't have anywhere stable to stay at now, do you?" After the shake of my head, he continuned. "What if I became your family?" Glancing up, I felt slightly suspicious.

 "B-But I don't know anything about you." He chuckled and kneeled down in front of me,

 "Ok. Tell me something about yourself." I looked at him confused,

 "You go first." He nodded,

 "My name is Kakashi Hatake. My likes and dislikes, hmmm, don't really feel like telling you that. My hobbies, don't really feel like telling you that either. Dreams for the future. Never really thought about it." I smirked at him in amusement,

 "So it goes like this? My name is Ayame Kawa. My likes and dislikes. I don't really have any.” The man nodded, encouraging me to continue, “My hobbies, never really had one. My dreams for the future? To become the strongest ninja the world has ever seen." He nodded with a closed eye smile,

 "Ok, so what do you say? Be my kid?" I laughed and nodded.

 "Fine, but only because you seem nice."


 "Ayame, get up. Time for the academy." I groaned,

 "Not now Oto-san..." I mumbled,

 "Don't make me use that jutsu." My eyes shot open and I sat up quickly,

 "I'm up! I'm up!" Kakashi Hatake laughed; I pursed my lips out of annoyance. He sauntered out of my room while still laughing at my reaction, stupid Kakashi...

I relaxed and slumped slightly, I then smiled at the dream I had. Well, it was more like a flashback to when I was 8.

 Kakashi had taken me in, after a while I started calling him Oto-san, which means dad in Japanese. A little after that I changed my last name to Hatake as well. I still kept the name Kawa though. My name is now Ayame Kawa Hatake, and I’m legally classified as Kakashi's adopted daughter.

Groaning, I got up from bed, walked calmly towards the bathroom, before proceeded to have a shower. After I was done, I calmly looked into the mirror and shrugged. I lazily put on my ninja outfit and walked out of my room.

When I entered the kitchen, I was met with the sight of Kakashi cooking. It was rather amusing actually, with his little apron on. It almost made me giggle.

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