Chapter 49: Johanna

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*Might get graphic but not horrible*

The only thing I remember is the propos with Clove. I wake up startled to see three peace-keeper standing over me, lust clear in their eyes.

"Get up! Slut" one of them says as he grabs me by my short brown hair. I scream loudly and they sit me on a bed.

"Why am I here?" I ask angrily and they all smile lustfully. "What are you going to do to me?" I ask as their eyes roam my body.

"We're going to keep you for when we want some fun" the brown haired one says with a smirk. I look away, well this went to shit, fast. One of them, the dark haired one grabs my chin roughly. He roams his tongue in my mouth as he hands run over my body.

"There's nothing you can do that I haven't been through before" I say bitterly. They all look confused and I just shrug "I was captured by the Capitol and since they already killed off my family, I had no leverage so I was forced to do things for the guards after I was tortured ruthlessly" I say, emotionless.

"Okay then on your knees" one of them says angrily "Flinch and we get you to ourselves" he pulls out a gun. I smile innocently and he pulls it to my head. I sit there hoping he'll shoot but he just stands there with his hand on the trigger.

"Go on shoot. I don't have much to live for" I say bitterly "Just a friend and a man who broke my heart" I say quietly. The look at me confused and he pulls the gun away. He sets it down and walks to the others.

"What should we do with her now?" I hear them whisper between each other. I decide I want to play this event up so I try to look as innocently as I can. They look over at me and I force a blush onto my cheeks. They all saunter over I try not to attack them now.

"One at a time, boys" I say seductively and I can tell they like this. I grab one of them by their collar and shoo the others away. I smirk at the peace-keeper and pull off his armor-shirt-thing. I run my fingers over his toned chest and I feel him shiver. I look over to see the gun was left here, stupid. I sit him on the bed and saunter to him as sexily as I can.

I run my finger down his chest to his belt loops on his pants and kiss his neck seductively. He smells like he's been drinking and that's very dangerous. I kiss down his chest and he grabs my hair. I look at him as chastising as I can and he takes his hand from my head.

"Close your eyes" I say seductively and I walk over to the gun. I pick it up quietly and put it closer to the bed. I open his eyes and make it look like I'm taking off my shirt for him. He smirks and I pull the gun on him.

Please have a silencer! I hope to myself. I shoot him in the head and it's relatively quiet. He starts to gush blood from the wound and he's out like that. I sit there proudly for a second just amazed.

"Johanna?" I hear a familiar voice call. The door opens to Cato and Clove both with guns in their hands and I smirk. They look at me shocked and I laugh in fake evilness.

"We have to go" Cato says very rushed. I nod and hop off of the now bloody bed and smirk down to the peace-keeper one more time.

We run full speed with loaded guns in our hands until we reach the hotel. We slip in unnoticed and some guest start to scream because we still have our guns.

"Oh calm down" I say annoyed and it seems to have worked. "Do you think we should hide out? They know what we look like now" I ask carefully as we walk up to Cato and Clove's room still fully armed. They nod. I stand there awkwardly and Clove smiles.

"You can sleep on the couch or in the bathtub" she says jokingly. I smile and choose the couch. She grabs a blanket and some pillows and places them on the couch. I walk out and get my extra change of clothes from my old room and bring them up.

"You guys should sleep" Cato says mainly to Clove and she nods. He closes the door behind him and Clove sits next to me on the couch.

"So what did they do to you?" I ask and her face gets paler. I look at her as reassuringly as I can and she smiles weakly.

"They tried to rape me then one guy made a deal that he wouldn't burn me if I did things with him" she says shuttering and I sigh. She looks down sadly and I laugh lightly.

"I tricked them into thinking I would do, well them. And then I shot him and you guys came" I say proudly and she rolls her eyes jokingly. We sit together just happy to be away from them and I sigh.

"We should probably listen to Cato and sleep" Clove says yawning over dramatically. I nod and curl into the corner of the couch. I fall asleep quickly and rest. Dreamless.

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