Chapter 47: Clove

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*warning sexual (ish) scene!*

I look into the peace-keeper's very light brown eyes and look away as I see him smirking. "You are our little secret. Scream and you will hurt for weeks" I look away, terrified, and he releases me.

"What if I don't listen? What will you do to me?" I ask weakly, but still scared. He smiles and gestures to the tallest and bulkiest man in the corner. I look down afraid.

"That's Bulk, well we call him that. He'll take care of you if you don't listen" I sigh and try to back up a little but bump into something, well someone.

"Where's Johanna? Tell me she's okay" I say slowly. And he nods but I can tell he doesn't know "So you don't know? You just take us and you don't even know" I say angrily and just barely at a yell. He smiles bitterly and gestures to 'Bulk' who walks over and takes off his mask. I frown at him and he smiles bitterly.

"She's being a bad girl. Fix her!" the man says to Bulk and I let a whimper out accidentally. I feel the peace-keeper laugh and Bulk yanks me away. I feel tears well up and try hard to keep them in. Bulk drags me into a dark bed room and throws me onto the bed.

"I'm Bulk" he says nicely. I look at him confused still holding in tears "I won't hurt you I just 'scare' you" he says jokingly. I sit up weakly and he smiles genuinely "Don't worry, I swear I won't hurt you, touch you or even yell at you. They say that to scare all of the girls they take" he says sadly.

"So I'm just another one of their prizes?" I ask angrily, my tears are gone now replaced by pure anger. He nods disappointed and I hear a bang on the door.

"You almost done with her?" I hear someone yell from outside. Bulk punches the wall and I whimper, very surprised. He pushes me to the door slowly and I walk out to a group of about 4 peace-keepers waiting, for me? One grabs me and they all follow as I'm dragged outside.

"What should we do to her first?" one of the un-masked peace-keepers asks with a smirk. I glance over my shoulder and everyone's, pretty much, watching this.. One of them grabs my arms and another holds my mouth shut. A third peace-keeper saunters over to me and runs his hand over my chest.

"You've done stuff before? Like to men?" he asks stupidly, did he even get an education? He looks me over and I nod sadly. I feel tears well up again as they look me over with lust. "So you've done things to men before?" he asks still lustfully and evily.

"By force, yes" I say sadly and look down as their eyes bore into my head. They all share a laugh and I clench my fists behind my back. He grabs my hair roughly and stops immediately.

"She has been used" he says most likely noticing my scars from both Jaq and in the Capitol. I feel anger and sadness rise in my chest and he smiles bitterly.

"If we want to keep her" he whispers to another peace-keeper but I can't make anything else out. I stand there awkwardly and he smirks over to me and continues whispering. I look down afraid. Why can't I have a normal life? Not a double Victor's life of pain and humiliation. One of the peace-keepers walks in without his mask and half of his clothes gone and I freak out when I see what's in his hands. They can't possibly know I was burned, can they? Are they going to use that to get me to do things?

"We'll have fun with you then you'll learn you're ours and only ours" one of them, I can't keep track, says evilly. He grabs my waist and forces a kiss onto my lips. His tongue roams my mouth lustfully and I bite down, hard. He yells angrily and hits me across the face. I look at him proudly, they underestimated me so I just proved to myself that I am not weak. I smirk to myself and I'm thrown to another man who roams his hands on my side.

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