The Mayor Takes the Biscuit

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Author's Note: 

This story is Book 3 in Fox & Oakby Murder Mystery Series, and the sequel to Official Town Business and Paint the Town Red, the stories that can be found on my page. 

I hope you enjoy!


Katya xx


Imogen Fox, the personal assistant of the directly elected Mayor of the town of Fleckney Woulds, sat on the passenger seat of the Mayor's Range Rover, throwing cautious glances to her right from time to time. Said Mayor was driving with a face so dark and a frown so deep that neither Imogen, nor her niece and nephew in the backseat deemed speaking wise. Imogen looked at the white knuckles of his large hands clutching the steering wheel and sighed. It was past their usual lunch time, to think of it, but even her ever so hungry nephew Brian didn't dare a peep while they drove by all their favourite cafés.

When they arrived at their cottage, the Mayor jumped out of the Rover, slammed the door behind him, and stomped to the entrance door. The little'uns minced after him. Imogen sighed again, closed her eyes, and dropped her head back - for just a jiffy, she promised herself. She just wasn't quite sure what she was supposed to do in this situation. She'd been the Mayor's assistant for more than three years - and his romantic partner for much, much less - but this new aggravation they'd ended up in, wasn't something she had the foggiest how to handle. She told herself to woman up and slowly climbed out of the car.

She found the children in the kitchen. Brian was studying the dishes left after their breakfast with a morose expression on his face, Kathy had already started cleaning up.

"I'll order pizza." Imogen fished her mobile out of her pocket. "Where's John?"

"He went upstairs, to your bedroom," Kathy said and looked at the ceiling of the kitchen. "He looks angry," the girl said quietly.

"He's hungry," said Brian and licked the empty bowl where there used to be chocolate syrup for the pancakes the Mayor had been gleefully making for the kiddies in the morning.

It had been such a nice day - until it wasn't anymore!

"Something happened in his Father's house," Imogen said. "No one's hurt or anything. It's just some... grown-up business."

Kathy nodded mournfully and started washing up. Imogen looked at the girl with pity. Kathy wasn't even asking, but it was obvious she was now worried their happy little bubble was about to burst. Imogen didn't blame her. Up until a couple of months ago, neither of them could even imagine living in a cosy cottage, safe, secure, and spoilt by the care and the affection from the Mayor that they were enjoying these days.

"John isn't upset with any of us," Imogen decided to clarify. "He just found out an... unpleasant thing about his Father."

"I don't like him," Kathy said, and Brian nodded agreeing. "He probably thinks we want John's money, and that we aren't good enough for him," the girl added and jerked her chin up.

"But John loves us!" Brian exclaimed. The bowl slipped out of his hands and clanked on the table. "He does!" The boy's voice trembled. "Doesn't he?" he whispered.

"Of course he does," Imogen rushed to reassure him.

She ruffled Brian's hair and kissed the top of his silky head. He smelled of the Mayor's shower gel. Recently, anything the boy did, he wanted to do 'just like John.'

"I'll go talk to him," Imogen said. "I'll try to cheer him up."

"I'll save him some pizza," Brian said decisively.

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