Component 15 - Crunchy and Good

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Component 15: Crunchy and Good

"What is that?" Angon asked, as he stared at the gigantic white dragon that had just burst into the chamber.

"That would be an Ice Dragon..." Gavin said, nearly breathless—for the sight of a dragon was one that very few ever got to enjoy—and if they saw it close up, they likely never lived to tell the tale.

The mighty dragon thrashed its head around, looking from humanoid to humanoid in the chamber of Sheeva. It stomped its gigantic clawed feet and roared with such a fierceness, Weiggs could be heard soiling himself.

"Help!" Weiggs cried out, not looking embarrassed in the least.

He looked to Angon, who looked back with helplessness. Gavin had his bow drawn and an arrow knocked, but he knew very well he could do little to such a monster. Lavina held her iron rod pointed at the beast and her eyes darted back and forth, as if she were reading an invisible spell book in an attempt to find something—anything to cast in defense.

The dragon was having a hard time choosing which target to devour first. To such a huge and powerful monster they all looked just as delicious.

"Angon." Buster said, looking over at the metal man, "Can you kill it?"

The Forge's jaw fell open and his eyes glowed dim. For the first time, he was afraid.

"Of course he can't, blasted Dwarf!" Gavin snapped, "Why don't you do something? You look like a priest!"

The Belltower Dwarf did in fact look like a priest of war, but he was not nearly strong enough to fight a dragon.

"Me goddess just died!" Buster snarled.

Even Gavin knew that a priest gained their holy spells from the power of a divine entity.

"That's rough..." Gavin said, "That's really... rough."

The great Ice Dragon stopped thrashing and took in the entire scene—it had decided—it would kill them all at once.

Its head reared back and icy blue energy could be seen gathering around its lips, and going into its mouth.

"What's it doing?" Gavin asked.

"Hells if I know!" Buster shot back.

Angon was speechless, and looking from each of them for an answer. They didn't seem to have one, save Lavina. She looked up at the dragon and her eyes shrank back in terror.

"It's going to breathe!" she screeched, "Move!"

The dragon thrust its head forward and the cavern shook in a tremendous burst of energy. Blue power came blasting forth in a cone of freezing death. Weiggs was the first to move—he dove forward, grabbed Gonzeelda and Budge by their collars and dragged them behind a boulder, saving them by mere inches—so close that the back of his heel was burnt by the subzero temperature. Weiggs fell to his back, grabbing his foot and holding in a howl of pain.

The wall of freeze did not stop at Weiggs, it continued past and spread out to the rest of the group. Buster dove behind Sheeva's throne, and Gavin grabbed Lavina, pulling her back into the previous room—but Angon saw nowhere to go.

The Forge threw up his arms before his face and braced himself for the deadly impact.

With the force of a ballista bolt, the ice blast hit Angon. Somehow he held his ground as the cold pressed against him, absorbing him, causing ice to form on his extremities.

All the Forge saw was white—white ice—white snow—white dust. He was sure he was about to be blasted into nothingness. But after several long seconds, the dragon ran out of breath.

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