Chapter 3

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Michael's POV


Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.

I slowly turned already expecting to see Calum behind me.

"Oh, hi Calum what brings you out here tonight?" I asked with a smile hoping he couldn't see the fear on my face.

"I decided to take a walk before dinner..." He started slowly "What are you doing in a dark allyway? I thought you were in the institute?"

"Oh you know me, I wanted to get out for a little air, and I just happened to bump into my friend here" I motioned to the man behind me.

"In a dark alleyway?"


He slowly nodded, clearly not believing me. "Well did you want to walk back to the institute with me?"

Yes. "Uh sure, just give me a minute?" he nodded and walked to the opening of the alley, onto the footpath.

"Thanks Eddie, I just sometimes need to vent to someone about this without having the boys tease me about Calum." I said facing the boy behind me, keeping my voice down to make sure Calum doesn't hear.

"And it's good knowing I can talk to someone about my sexuality, I don't think I can tell anyone else Mike." Eddie looked down at our shoes.

"You'll be able to come out one day Ed." I smiled at him and saw his eyes light up a little.

"You will, too." That wouldn't be so easy. Ed was a mundane, homosexuality was more accepted in their society than ours. 

"Yeah, maybe. Bye Ed," I gave a small wave as I made my way to Calum.

I heard him mumble something as I got further away but I didn't question him on what he said, it was probably just goodbye.

"So what's for dinner?" I asked Calum as we walked away from the alley.

"I think the bigger question is what the fuck were you doing, Michael? Is this where you have been every day this week?"

"Listen Calum, that wasn't as bad as it looked, we were just talking. Yes, I have been meeting him for the past few days."

"Who the fuck talks in an alleyway?"

"We talk in a fucking alleyway that's who!"

"Okay, what were you talking about that was so secretive then?"

"I can't tell you that" I lowered my voice.

Calum's face looked hurt.

"Mikey we have been best friends for 15 years. What is there that you can't tell me?"

"This. It would change everything."

"I wish you would tell me things. Instead you are meeting up with some mundane in an alley everyday." He was getting fired up again.

"Because he knows what I am going through! Something I actually wish you were experiencing but I know that won't happen, the only difference in our situations is that I am a shadowhunter." I immediately knew I was saying too much fulled by my anger.

We had stopped walking now and my anger was beginning to fade as I was realizing exactly what I had said.

Calum's face was twisted in confusion but before he had time to respond we were both being tapped on the shoulder by two 13 year old looking girls. 

"Can- Could- Do you think we could maybe g-get a picture with yo-you." A blond in a floral dress asked while her also blond friend in a winter coat nodded along.

"Of course you can cuties" I smiled at the two girls.

They both pulled out their phones and the one in the floral dress stood beside Calum and the one in the coat stood in between us. They both took a couple pictures each and we both went to start walking opposite ways when the one in the coat turned around.

"I am sorry, I know you probably have places to b-be but do you ship Muke? Are you more Cashton people? Maybe Cake? Lashton? I am sorry I know you probably get this all the time but I've been wondering and I may regret not taking my only chance to ask."

"Well" I paused not knowing the girl's name.

"Angela" coat girl answered "and this is Casey" she indicated to the girl in the floral dress beside her who seemed just as interested in hearing our answer.

"Well Angela and Casey" I paused again not knowing what I should say. I didn't want to scare Calum by saying Malum. Would he just think its a joke? 

"Well I am a Malum person sometimes, depends on the day though, I am also a Cake person and some days I dig Mashton" Calum answered.

The girls both looked at each other and gave small squeals.

"I am just Malum all year round" I answered for the girls "What about you girls" I only ask out of curiosity.

"MUKE" Casey -I think- yelled excitedly

"Cashton and Malum" Angela says much calmer than her friend.

We both laughed and said our goodbyes as they both gave us a hug each and they were off in the opposite direction to the two of us.

Calum didn't seem to want to continue the conversation from earlier so he just said "I'll love you no matter what you're going through Mikey."

"You have to, you're Malum remember?"

We walked in silence for a couple minutes and I looked around at all the tall buildings in the distance.

"Pizza, I think." Calum suddenly spoke up.

I turned to him confused "What?"

"You asked what's for dinner. I think we are having pizza. I told Luke to order a large one for you because they were trying to do a count, is that okay?"

"Yes, I am definitely in the mood for pizza right now! PIZZA!" I smiled at him.

"Good, it should be there by now. It better be because I am hungry."

"You're always hungry" I laughed at the boy.

"And you have a larger appetite than me, Mikey" he laughed back at me.

"I am a growing boy." 

He just laughed at me. 

His laugh was so cute, when his eyes crinkled like that, and when he stopped laughing and just smiled at me, he just looked so happy that I couldn't help but return his wide smile with my own.

We were only two streets away from the Institute when Calum spoke up again,

"Race you there." He left me no time to respond and was already sprinting ahead of me so I took off, chasing after him.


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