Chapter 14 - A Lesson in Romance

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I spent time with Brynn every day since she came home from the hospital. At first, her movements were slow and ginger-like until the pain had lessened. She refused to take anything stronger than aspirin for the pain. Brynn was determined to keep herself moving, knowing it was the quickest way to heal and by the looks of the way Brynn is moving around now, I'd have to say she was right.

Still, she slept most nights in her grandmother's recliner saying the angle was far more comfortable than trying to lay straight. I wished I could be with her tonight, but I had to work. Adam wasn't able to come in and Mr. Brock didn't have anyone else to cover for him since Adam in essence was covering for me. Thankfully, it was Brynn's Dad's day off. So Brynn wouldn't be left on her own.

Paris gave me a broad smile as I met her upfront.

"Hey there, Stranger! How are you?" Paris gave me a quick hug.

"Good. Great, actually."

"That's good to hear. Brynn is doing well then?"

It surprised me that she didn't know. "Hasn't Adams said anything to you?" I knew he had been by to visit Brynn several times.

"Not really. I don't think he likes to talk about Brynn, because it bothers him too much. So, I don't press. I figured I'd get the details from you when you came back."

"Huh?" I still found that odd. He even visited her at the hospital. Why would he feel funny talking about Brynn to Paris? Unless...

My eyes zero in on her. Paris' eyes dart and she touches her face. "What? Did I splash some sauce on me or something?"

"Oh my God... Adam. He likes you," I stated as the thought hit my brain, wanting to make it explode.

"Pfft! Yeah, right? Adam? Like me? I don't think so."

Paris is so trying to blow me off with her words but I know her too well now for that to work. My eyes go wide. "Oh my God! You LIKE him!"

Paris blushes. "Noooo! Nuh-uh... you're crazy!"

"Oh my God, oh my God, Oh my God." I can't believe it. Then I couldn't fathom it. "Why?"

Paris looks confused. "Why what?"

"Why do you like him?" I knew Brynn cared about Adam but that's mostly because they had a connection from their time in the hospital together. They've both experienced deep loss and it bound them in a way that I don't think could ever be severed. Paris though is this cute, bubbly, pixie-like person. She's all sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns. Adam... well he's like the anti- of all of those things.

"I never said that I liked him," Paris deflected. She was clearly unsettled by this conversation evident in her jumping right into her busy work.

I grinned. "I know you didn't say it. You don't have to."

She turned to look at me. "Am I really that obvious? Please tell me I'm not that obvious." Her hands come up to cover her face, but she peeks at me through her fingers, closes them, and starts shaking her head no.

"I am! I am that obvious! Oh, God!"

I put my hand on her shoulders hoping to comfort her in some way. "It's obvious to me, Paris but that's only because I've gotten to know you so well. Trust me, Adam... that guy is oblivious."

Plus, I know Adam still cares about Brynn, and until that changes, he'll be blind to the fact that Paris has a thing for him.

Paris sighed. Her shoulders slumped. "I know it doesn't make any sense. I've told myself as much like a million times. I just can't help it."

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